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Ta'anis 13

1) [line 2] AL MA'AL HA'GOLAH - because of the transgression [of marrying foreign wives] of the people who returned from the exile

2) [line 5] KOL SHE'HU MISHUM EVEL - any fast [on which washing is forbidden] because of mourning; the Bach says that this only refers to Rabbinical fasts and not to Yom Kipur

3) [line 10] SOCHRIN - we dam/close up [the river]
4) [line 20] CHAMEI TEVERYA - the hot springs of Tiberias
5) [line 31] MENUDAH - a person who has been excommunicated
6) [line 37] TAKFUHU AVEILAV - his periods of mourning came one right after the other
7) [line 38] MEIKEL B'TA'AR - he may lighten his hair (by removing a little of hair) with a razor

8) [line 39] MISPARAYIM - a scissors
9) [line 39] NESER - a kind of soil or stone that resembles chalk (O.F. creide) (from natron, native carbonate of soda)


10a) [line 1] BOGERES/NA'ARAH
A girl is a Ketanah (minor) until she has two pubic hairs after she enters her twelfth year. During the following six months she is a Na'arah (maidenhood). When six months elapse she becomes a Bogeres (adult). Our Gemara is referring to a Bogeres who is not married

11) [line 5] KICHUL - painting the eyelids with Kechol, a blue or tinted powder
12) [line 5] PIRKUS - dyeing the hair
13) [line 13] OHEL - an alkaline plant; aloe
14) [line 15] L'FAKUCHEI PACHADEI - to [strengthen himself and] remove his fear, worry
15) [line 25] L'ABER ES HA'ZUHAMA - to remove filth
16) [line 16] MATZLI - prays

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