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Ta'anis 14

1) [line 1] TEIVAH - the Aron Kodesh that contains the Sifrei Torah
2) [line 36] FUR'ANIYOS HA'MISRAGSHOS - calamities that break forth
3) [line 36] CHIKUCH - an epidemic of contagious, itching sores
4) [line 36] TZIR'AH - hornets
5) [line 39] GAYAS - marauding troops
6) [line 39] METUREFAS BA'YAM - that flounders


7) [line 5] L'GARMEI HU D'AVAD - for his own subjective purposes [since he did not want to fast]

8) [line 14] LO MIN HA'SHEM HU ZEH - that is not the correct reason
9) [line 27] ITZTEVA- a raised stone platform in front of the stores that was used as a bench upon which to sit or to place objects

10) [line 30] BEIS CHASNUS - (a) a special home, with a Chupah inside of it, that was built for the eldest son who became a Chasan (Rashi Megilah 5b DH u'Neti'ah - presumably it was recycled for later children) (b) the main residence at which the Chasan and Kalah stay during the time of the Sheva Berachos (Tosfos Sukah 25b DH Ein Simchah)

11) [line 31] AVARNEKI - (a) a tree that was planted on the day of the birth of the crown prince that was used to build a throne on the day of his coronation (RASHI); (b) a large tree that shades a leisure area that contains benches (RASHI Eruvin 25b); (c) a covered area or room built by kings in the middle of their orchards (RASHI Eruvin 26a DH l'Hara, citing Teshuvos ha'Ge'onim)

12) [line 32] SAFAH RAFAH - in a soft tone
13) [line 33] MIS'ATFIN - they wrap themselves
14) [last line] "KO AMAR HASH-M..." - "Thus says HaSh-m, the redeemer of Yisrael and his Holy One, to the despised soul, to the one loathed by the nations, to a servant of rulers. Kings shall see [you] and arise, ministers will prostrate themselves, [because of HaSh-m Who is faithful, and the Holy One of Yisrael, Who has chosen you.]" (Yeshayah 49:7)

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