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Sotah 12

SOTAH 12 (7 Teves) - Dedicated by Josh Daniel of Efrat, Israel, in memory of his brother, Yitzchok Yisroel [ben Refael Noach Yosef] Daniel, on his Yahrzeit.

1) [line 6] YERI'OS - [white] curtains
2) [line 7] BONEHA - her builders, i.e. her husband
3) [line 8] SHE'SHIVEV ES YITZRO - he was mischievous with (i.e. did not listen to) his Yetzer ha'Ra

4) [line 8] SHE'RADAH V'YITZRO - he conquered his Yetzer ha'Ra
5) [line 9] (PANEHA) [PANAV] DOMIN L'VERED - his face was [ruddy] like a rose
6) [line 15] CHEL'AH - sickly
7) [line 10] "UL'ASHCHUR AVI SEKO'A HAYU SHTEI NASHIM; CHEL'AH V'NA'ARAH." - "And Aschur, the father of Teko'a, had two wives: Chel'ah and Na'arah." (Divrei ha'Yamim I 4:5) - The Gemara goes on to interpret each word of this verse.

8) [line 16] "U'VNEI CHEL'AH; TZERES (V'TZOHAR) [V'TZOCHAR] V'ESNAN." - "And the sons of Chel'ah were Tzeres and Tzochar and Esnan." (Divrei ha'Yamim I 4:7) - The Gemara interprets the names of the sons as referring to traits of Miryam, who is called Chel'ah.

9) [line 19] ESNAN - (lit. the wages of a harlot) a present [to his own wife so that she should consent to having relations]

10) [line 20] "VA'YTZAV PAR'OH L'CHOL AMO [LEIMOR; 'KOL HA'BEN HA'YILOD HA'Y'ORAH TASHLICHUHU V'CHOL HA'BAS TECHAYUN.']" - "And Par'oh commanded his entire nation, [saying: 'Every son that is born, you shall cast into the river, and every daughter you shall keep alive.']" (Shemos 1:22)

11) [line 23] "VA'YELECH ISH MI'BEIS LEVI; [VA'YIKACH ES BAS LEVI.]" - "And a man from the house of Levi went; and he took as a wife the daughter of Levi." (Shemos 2:1)

12) [line 30] "V'SIGZAR OMER V'YAKAM LACH; [V'AL DERACHECHA NAGAH OR.]" - "You shall also decree a thing and it shall be established for you, [and the light shall shine upon your ways.]" (Iyov 22:28) - Elifaz ha'Teimani tells Iyov that if a person is righteous, he will have the opportunity to have all that he decrees come about. Chazal learn that this applies to all true Tzadikim.

13) [line 32] APIRYON - a sedan chair, esp. for a bride in the wedding procession to the Chupah

14) [line 39] SHE'LO HAYU B'PISKAH SHEL CHAVAH - that they were not included in the decree of punishment of Chavah (Bereishis 3:16)

15) [line 43] "VA'TITZPENEHU SHELOSHAH YERACHIM" - "and she hid him for three months" (Shemos 1:2)

16) [line 44] "V'LO YACHLAH OD HATZEFINO [VA'TIKACH LO TEVAS GOME VA'TACHMERAH VA'CHEMAR UVA'ZAFES; VA'TASEM BAH ES HA'YELED VA'TASEM BA'SUF AL SEFAS HA'YE'OR.]" - "And she could not hide him any longer [and so she took for him an basket of bulrushes and daubed it with mortar and with pitch; and she put in the rushes by the brink of the river.]" (Shemos 2:3)

17) [line 46] MEMATU YENUKA - they bring a baby
18) [line 46] U'ME'AVEI - and cry [along with the crying baby]
19) [line 47] "ECHEZU LANU SHU'ALILM, SHU'ALIM KETANIM MECHABELIM KERAMIM, U'CHRAMENU SEMADAR." - "The foxes have seized us, small foxes that damage vineyards, when our vineyard was budding [small grapes.]" (Shir ha'Shirim 2:15) - The small foxes refer to the Egyptian babies that were used to discover the Jewish babies (the small grapes)


20) [line 1] AGAM - (O.F. maresc) a marsh
21) [line 1] "...KANEH VA'SUF KAMELU." - "[And the rivers shall become foul, and the canals of Mazor shall be emptied and dried up;] the reeds and rushes shall wither." (Yeshayah 19:6)

22) [line 3] MI'GILULEI AVIHA - from the Avodah Zarah of her father
23) [line 11] CHAVATAN - smote them
24) [line 14] D'ISHTARBEV ISHTARBUVEI - it became lengthened, stretched
25) [line 20] CHUPAS NE'URIM - a baby's canopy
26) [line 24] "V'CHI YOMRU ALEICHEM DIRSHU EL HA'OVOS V'EL HA'YIDE'ONIM HA'METZAFTZEFIM VEHA'MAHGIM..." - "And when they shall say to you, 'Consult mediums and wizards who peep and mutter;' Should not a people consult their G-d? Why seek the living among the dead?" (Yeshayah 8:19)

27) [line 29] ITZTAGNINEI PAR'OH - Par'oh's astrologers
28) [line 30] "...SHESH ME'OS ELEF RAGLI..." - "[And Moshe said, 'The people, among whom I am, are] six hundred thousand footmen...']" (Bamidbar 11:21)

29) [line 41] "ES MI YOREH DE'AH V'ES MI YAVIN SHEMU'AH; GEMULEI ME'CHALAV, ATIKEI MI'SHADAYIM." - "To whom shall one teach knowledge; and whom shall one make understand teachings? Those who are weaned from milk, and removed from the breasts." (Yeshayah 28:9)

30) [line 43] "VA'TOMER LAH BAS PAR'OH 'LECHI;' VA'TELECH HA'ALMAH VA'TIKRA ES EM HA'YALED." - "And Par'oh's daughter said to her, 'Go;' and the girl went and she called the mother of the child." (Shemos 2:8)

31) [line 47] "VA'TIKACH MIRYAM HA'NEVI'AH ACHOS AHARON ES HA'TOF B'YADAH; VA'TETZENAH CHOL HA'NASHIM ACHAREHA B'SUPIM UVI'MCHOLOS." - "And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aharon, took the timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and tamborines." (Shemos 15:20)

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