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Sotah 13

SOTAH 13 - dedicated by Larry and Marsha Wachsman l'Iluy Nishmas their aunt, the late Mrs. Rachel Potack (bas Rav Moshe) Z"L -- a true "Eshes Chayil" and "Ba'alas Midos" -- who passed away b'Seivah Tovah in Yerushalayim on 2 Kislev 5761.

1) [line 5] TAFCHAH - he (gently) slapped her
2) [line 8] "VA'YA'AL YOSEF LIKBOR ES AVIV; VA'YA'ALU ITO KOL AVDEI FAR'OH, ZIKNEI VEISO, V'CHOL ZIKNEI ERETZ MITZRAYIM. V'CHOL BEIS YOSEF V'ECHAV U'VEIS AVIV..." - "And Yosef went up to bury his father; and with him went up all of the servants of Par'oh, the elders of his house, and all of the elders of the land of Egypt. And all of the house of Yosef, and his brothers, and his father's house..." (Bereishis 50:7-8)

3) [line 13] "VA'YAVO'U AD GOREN HA'ATAD" - "and they came to Goren ha'Atad" (the name of a place; lit. "the Threshing Floor of Thorns")

4) [line 15] BENEI KETURAH - the descendents of Avraham Avinu through his wife Keturah (Bereishis 25:1-5)

5) [line 21] D'FAYISH - that remains
6) [line 22] ZEVINTAH - you sold it [to Yakov]
7a) [line 22] BECHEIRUSA - the [second, double] portion of the firstborn
b) [line 22] PESHITUSA - the standard portion that all heirs receive (including the firstborn)
8) [line 24] KERAKEI HA'YAM - fortified port cities
9) [line 25] IGARTA - the bill of sale
10) [line 26] D'KALIL KI AYALTA - who is light, fast as a doe
11) [line 26] "NAFTALI AYALAH SHELUCHAH; HA'NOSEN IMREI SHEFER" - "Naftali is a doe let loose who delivers beautiful sayings." (Bereishis 49:21)

12) [line 28] V'YAKIRAN LEI UDNEI - (lit. and his ears were heavy) and he was deaf
13) [line 30] SHAKAL KULFA - he took a club, mace (O.F. macugue)
14) [line 30] MACHYEI A'REISHEI - he (Chushim) hit him (Esav) on his head
15) [line 30] NASRAN EINEI - his eyeballs fell out
16) [line 31] ACHICH - he smiled
17) [line 32] "YISMACH TZADIK KI CHAZAH NAKAM; PE'AMAV YIRCHATZ B'DAM HA'RASHA" - "The righteous one will be happy when he sees revenge; he will wash his feet in the blood of the wicked one." (Tehilim 58:11)

18) [line 33] "LAMAH ESHKAL GAM SHENEICHEM B'YOM ECHAD" - "Why should I be bereaved of both of you in one day?" (Bereishis 27:45)

19) [line 37] B'BIZAH - in the booty [washed up from the Egyptians who drowned at Yam Suf]

20) [line 38] "CHACHAM LEV YIKACH MITZVOS; [VE'EVIL SEFASAYIM YILAVET.]" - "The wise of heart will seize Mitzvos; [but the foolish one's lips will become weary.]" (Mishlei 10:8) - The lips of the foolish one become weary *talking* about the Mitzvos that they will do; ultimately they do nothing (METZUDAS DAVID ibid.).

21) [line 44] TZAF - floated
22) [line 45] "VA'YEHI HA'ECHAD MAPIL HA'KORAH V'ES HA'BARZEL NAFAL EL HA'MAYIM; [VA'YITZ'AK VA'YOMER,] 'AHAH, ADONI, V'HU SHA'UL!' VA'YOMER ISH HA'ELOKIM, 'ANAH NAFAL?' VA'YAR'EHU ES HA'MAKOM, VA'YIKTZAV ETZ, VA'YASHLECH SHAMAH VA'YATZEF HA'BARZEL." - "It happened as one of them was felling a [tree to serve as a] beam that the iron [axe-head that he was using] fell into the water. [He cried out and said,] 'Woe, my master, it is borrowed (and I do not have the money to pay for it)!' The man of Elokim asked him, 'Where did it fall?' and he showed him the place. Elisha then cut a piece of wood and threw there, and the iron [axe-head] floated up." (Melachim II 6:5-6)

23) [line 49] KEVARNIT - a cavern for the burial of the dead
24) [line 53] NIZDA'AZE'A - shook, trembled


25) [line 17] SHE'HINHIG ATZMO B'RABANUS - he behaved like a leader
26) [line 20] U'FEIR'O - and he castrated him
27) [line 21] "RAV LACH" - "...And HaSh-m said to me, 'Let it suffice you; [speak no more to Me of this matter!']" (Devarim 3:26) - This verse was HaSh-m's answer to Moshe Rabeinu's request to be permitted to enter Eretz Yisrael.

28) [line 22] "RAV LACHEM" - "...you take too much upon yourselves, you sons of Levi." (Bamidbar 16:7) - This verse was Moshe Rabeinu's castigation of Korach when he started a rebellion against Moshe and Aharon in the desert.

29) [line 23] SARVAN - one who refuses [to accept the decree of HaSh-m]
30) [line 24] L'FUM GAMLA SHICHANA - according to [the strength of] the camel is its burden; i.e. since Moshe Rabeinu was an extraordinary Tzadik, HaSh-m was very strict with him

31) [line 28] LO NAS LEICHO - his "moisture" (i.e. vigor) had not left him
32) [line 32] SHABBOS SHEL DEYU ZUGI HAYESAH - it was a Shabbos of two leaders (lit. two pairs). At the onset, Moshe Rabeinu was the leader, but the office was taken from him and given to Yehoshua.

33) [line 36] "VA'YAR REISHIS LO KI SHAM CHELKAS MECHOKEK SAFUN..." - "He chose the first part for himself, because that is where the portion of the lawgiver was hidden..." (Devarim 33:21)

34) [line 37] ARBA'AH MILIN - four Milin; 1 Mil = 2,000 Amos = approximately 960 or 1152 meters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions

35) [line 40] "MI YAKUM LI IM MERE'IM; MI YISYATZEV LI IM PO'ALEI AVEN?" - "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the evildoers?" (Tehilim 94:15) - The Gemara this verse to HaSh-m.

36) [line 41] "MI KEHE'CHACHAM U'MI YODE'A PESHER DAVAR? CHOCHMAS ADAM TA'IR PANAV V'OZ PANAV YESHUNE." - "Who is like the wise man? And who knows the meaning of a matter? A man's wisdom makes his face shine, and the boldness of his face is changed." (Koheles 8:1)

37) [line 42] V'RAV NACHMAN AMAR - Rav Nachman said that HaSh-m dictated the last eight verses of the Torah to impress upon the world the great loss that Moshe's death caused to his generation (MAHARSHA)

38) [line 47] "VA'YIKBOR OSO BA'GAI B'ERETZ MO'AV..." - "And He buried him in the depression in the land of Mo'av..." (Devarim 34:6)

39) [last line] MALCHUS HA'RESHA'AH - the wicked kingdom, Rome

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