by Aaron Schwarzbaum and Suzanna Spiro

You, too, can be a soul-saver. This book will show you how. The soul you save may be your own family member's. All you have to do is care enough to get involved.

Missionaries have repackaged Christianity to look superficially like Judaism. They prey on vulnerable Jews - the elderly, teenagers, college students, people in recovery programs. They worship Jesus Christ and call it "Messianic Judaism."

Worldwide there are more than 200 congregations where Jews worship Jesus - 30 such congregations are fluorishing in the land of Israel.

What are the tactics the missionaries use that have succeeded in snatching 250,000 Jewish souls in the past 20 years?
Why are the Jews such easy prey?
What can be done to safeguard our people?
How can parents, teachers and others recognize signs of trouble?
Where to get help.
Who needs this book? Every person who is indignant at being the target of a $100,000,000 annual assault by fundamentalist Christians; every Jewish organization, school, synagogue and library; everyone who wants some ammunition to help defend and preserve a Jewish soul.

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Aaron Schwarzbaum

Aaron Schwarzbaum is the executive director of the anti- cult / anti- missionary outreach, education and counseling organization Torah Life & Living. Other writings include the newspaper article:

Suzanna Spiro

Suzanna Spiro is an award-winning journalist. Some of her other writings include the newspaper articles:

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