"He who saves one soul it's as if he saved the entire world."
- Sanhedrin 37a

There is a spiritual Holocaust befalling Jews right now, and yet the only people actively involved in fighting the onslaught of soul-snatchers are the families who have lost a member to the enemy. Those who have been spared until now seem to assume, erroneously, of course, that they are immune.

Cults and crazies of every kind are capturing the ignorant Jews for conversion to a belief in Jesus Christ, trying to fool them into believing that you can become a Christian and still remain a Jew. The missionaries repackage Christianity to look superficially Jewish. They use Jewish symbols and trappings - they meet on Saturday and call it Shabbat; they call their leaders Rabbis even if they are ordained Christian ministers; men wear a tallit and yarmulka; and adornments like a big menorah may hang on the outside of their buildings, which they call synagogues. To further the deception, they translate all overtly Christian terminology into Hebrew: Jesus Christ is "Yeshua HaMoshiach", the New Testament is the "Brit HaHadasha", and baptism is mikva. They also play Bible games, taking texts out of context and mistranslating the Hebrew to suit their purposes. They call this the "Messianic" Movement.

Read the EXPLOSIVE new book, "Beware of Soul Snatchers" by Aaron Schwarzbaum and Suzanna Spiro. For info, click on BOOKS, below.


HOTLINE: 1-800-572-0372

$100 MILLION is spent annually by Fundamentalist Christians to missionize Jews in this way, and it is paying off in hundreds of thousands of lost Jewish souls bought for Jesus.

Jews for Jesus, only one of 450 missionary groups targeting Jews, alone spends $10 MILLION dollars every year to reach Jews and pull them into churches.

Torah Life and Living has been working for over a decade with victims of cults and missionaries and their families, and when we are able to intervene early enough, we have a 100% success rate!


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Jews, from teenagers to retirees, are preyed upon at all times of weakness, such as when they are away from family on college campuses or when they retire to a new area. When they are lonely and vulnerable, the missionaries seek them out and attack, love-bombing them to a spiritual death. They may not be violating U.S. law, but they are violating our Jewish rights to freedom of religion, free from coercion and deceptive methods of approach.

Why should you care?
- Because the next target could be your unwitting grandchild or grandparent.
- Because in 1976 there were 3 such so-called messianic congregations in the U.S., and today there are close to 200 around the world, with 30 in Israel.
- Because we are witnessing the spiritual annihilation of the Jewish people in our lifetime.

What can we do? We can alert everyone to the tactics of the missionaries, and we can develop a positive Jewish identity. We can also support the work of the Torah Life and Living foundation. Without this support, the work could not go on. (Click here to see testimonials.) If you would like to assist in this spiritual life and death struggle, send your contributions to:

Torah Life and Living
17455 N.E. 6th Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL orida 33162
Phone: (305) 651-1426
Fax: (305) 651-1429

or talk to us electronically about other financial arrangements. All contributions welcome, and tax-deductible.

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Aaron Schwarzbaum amd his organization perform an essential function in our community, namely, saving the souls of lost young Jews. He has demonstrated time and again his ability to rescue young people from the clutches of various missionary cults. He returns them to their families and to the Jewish community, so that they may become productive members of our people.

Rabbi Barry J. Konovich
Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center / Beth Jacob
Aventura, Florida

Aaron Schwarzbaum's single-handed and single-minded growth over the years, from the individual voluntary work to organizing his beautiful Shabbat Challenge Program, and now the ever more ambitious "Torah Life & Living" center, is not based on dreams, hope, and external glitz. It is the direct result of hard work, solid dedication to the stated goals and purposes, and more often than not at great personal sacrifice, but most important of all - blessed with actual success and concrete achievements which of themselves demand continuous expression to respond to a real need and demand for his programs.

Rabbi Immanuel Schochet
Kielcer Congregation, Toronto

I encourage everyone to support Aaron Schwarzbaum morally and financially in his work of Torah Life & Living. He is literally saving our young men and women from the clutches of cults.

Rabbi David Lehrfield
Young Israel of Greater Miami

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A weekly invitation to experience the beauty and holiness of Shabbat in a friendly, caring, and warm atmosphere.

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