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Ta'anis 9

TA'ANIS 9 (4 Elul) - has been dedicated in honor of the Yarzeit of Chaim Yissachar (ben Yaakov) Smulewitz by his daughter and son in law, Jeri & Eli Turkel of Raanana, Israel

1) [line 1] ASER, BISHVIL SHE'TIS'ASHER - give Ma'aser, in order that you shall become wealthy

2) [line 5] ZIL NASI - go, try it out [to test Hashem]
3) [line 8] "HAVI'U ES KOL HA'MA'ASER ..." (Malachi 3:10) - "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so that there may be food in My house, and please test Me with it, ... if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out for you blessing with no end"

4) [line 13] AD SHE'YIVLU SIFSOSEICHEM MI'LOMAR DAI - until your lips will wear out and weary from saying "enough" [(O.F. dolorent) are tired]

5) [line 14] (IY HAVAS MATI HASAM) [IY HAVAH MATINA L'HASAM] L'HAI PESUKA - if I would have arrived [in my learning] at this Pasuk

6) [line 17] "IVELES ADAM ..." "The foolishness of a man perverts his way; and his heart rages against HaSh-m" (Mishlei 19:3)

7) [line 22] DAL EINEI V'CHAZA BEI - Rebbi Yochanan raised his [eyelids from his] eyes and saw him

8) [line 23] APIKTEI - she removed him from Rebbi Yochanan's presence
9) [line 24] TA MI'KAMEI - come out of his presence
10) [line 25] PARNASAH - prosperity
11) [line 41] AL TIKRI VA'YIR'U ELA V'YERA'U - do not read it "va'Yir'u" - (they saw); rather read it "va'Yera'u" (they were seen/exposed)

12a) [line 43] IY - if; this explanation of Ki also includes Ka'asher (when) and Asher (that)
b) [line 43] DILMA - perhaps
c) [line 43] ELA - rather
d) [line 44] D'HA - because
13) [line 45] "VA'AKCHID..." - "Three shepherds also I cut off in one month; and I became impatient with them, and their soul also detested me" (Zecharyah 11:8)

14) [line 48] KEIVAN D'LA'RABIM HU BA'I - since he was needed for the public
15) [last line] MERAMZEI AHADADI - they would hint to each other [by looking at each other] that they did not agree to his teaching

16) [last line] CHALASH DA'ATEI - he became upset or depressed


17) [line 1] AKRUYEI B'CHELMEI - they read to him in his dream (i.e., they sent him a nocturnal message from heaven)

*18*) [line 2] AMAR LEHU, LEIZLU RABANAN BI'SHELAMA - (a) According to the Ba'al ha'Tzreroros (a Talmid of the Rashba), he sent them away so that they should not be punished on account of him; (b) the Maharsha explains that by sending them away the decree against them would be fulfilled in a peaceful way, without them dying

19) [line 6] RACHMANA LITZLAN MI'KISUFA D'SHIMI - the Merciful One should save me from the embarrassment of Shimi

20) [line 9] "SHA'ALU..." - "Ask rain from HaSh-m in the time of the late rains; from HaSh-m who makes rainclouds, and gives them showers of rain, and to each man grass in the field" (Zecharyah 10:1)

21) [line 15] GINESA - garden 22) [line 15] SAYAR - inspect
23) [line 15] MEISHRA - patch
24) [line 18] PORCHOS - a formation of clouds, as the Gemara explains
25a) [line 20] KELISHA - thin
b) [line 20] SEMICHTA - thick
26) [line 20] NEHILA MEKAMEI MITRA - fine rain (drizzle) that comes before regular rain
27) [line 22] MEHULTA - a sieve
28) [line 22] CHARAYA D'IZEI - excrements of goats
29) [line 23] PANU MANEI - remove the utensils (into the house)
30) [line 25] MELO TZANA - a basketful
31) [line 25] DUVSHA - date-honey
32) [line 28] OKIYANUS - the ocean
33) [line 28] "V'ED YA'ALEH MIN HA'ARETZ; V'HISHKAH ES KOL PENEI HA'ADAMAH" - "A misty cloud ascended from the ground and watered the whole surface of the earth" (Bereishis 2:6)

34) [line 30] MI'MAYIM HA'ELYONIM - from the upper waters (that are collected in the heavens)

35) [line 32] K'NOD - like a leather bottle
36) [line 33] "... YAZOKU MATAR L'EIDO" - "[For when he draws up small drops of water,] they are distilled into a stream of rain" (Iyov 36:27)

37) [line 33] KEVARAH - a sieve for sifting grain (TIFERES YISRAEL); a basket used as a sieve

38) [line 34] MECHASHROS - drop, sprinkle
39) [line 34] "...CHASHRAS MAYIM AVEI SHECHAKIM" - "[And he made pavilions of darkness around him,] the heavy mass of waters, and thick clouds of the skies" (Shmuel II 20:12)

40) [line 39] ME'ALIYOSAV - "from His upper chambers"
41) [line 41] D'MIDLEI - they are raised
42) [line 43] KA'NED - like a pillar
43) [last line] BAR - grain

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