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Ta'anis 5

TA'ANIS 2-5 sponsored by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. Kollel Iyun Hadaf is indebted to him for his encouragement and support and prays that Hashem will repay him in kind.

1) [line 9] "VA'YORED LACHEM GESHEM, MOREH U'MALKOSH BA'RISHON" - "and He has brought down the rain for you the early rain and the late rain in the first [month]" (Yoel 2:23). (All of the rain that that generation needed in order for the barley for the Korban ha'Omer to ripen by the eve of the 16th of Nisan fell from Rosh Chodesh Nisan and on.

2) [line 14] "YESER HA'GAZAM ACHAL HA'ARBEH..." - "That which the cutting locust has left, the swarming locust has eaten; and that which the swarming locust has left, the hopping locust has eaten; and that which the hopping locust has left, the destroying locust has eaten" (Yoel 1:4)

3) [line 15] REVI'AH RISHONAH - the first of the early rains
4) [line 18] SHE'B'CHOREI NEMALIM - in the ant-holes
5) [line 25] CHAZIZ - young blades of growing grain
6) [line 25] TELEM - furrow
7a) [line 26] KANEH, ZERES - the stalk is the length of one Zeres = 3 Tefachim

ZERES - (a) the distance between the tips of the thumb and the smallest finger in a spread hand, or half of an Amah, approximately 24 cm (9.45 in) or 28.8 cm (11.34 in), depending upon the differing Halachic opinions (RAMBAM Klei ha'Mikdash 9:6); (b) others say that a Zeres is 1/3 of an Amah, approximately 16 cm (6.3 in) or 19.2 (7.56 in), depending upon the differing Halachic opinions (R. Eliezer ha'Kalir quoted by TOSFOS Eruvin 21a DH Echad)
b) [line 26] SHIBOLES, ZERASAYIM - the ear of the grain is the length of two Zereses (usually the stalk is much longer that the ear grain; this time the ear was double the length of the stalk)

8) [last line] ESRIN V'ARBA SHEVIKA LEHU - the verse has left [the rest of the] 24 major sins of the Jewish people; alt. the verse has left out mention of [the res of] the 24 books of Tanach which the Jewish people transgressed


9) [line 11] SIV - old
10) [line 13] SHMUEL HA'RAMASI - the prophet Shmuel who lived in Ramasayim Tzofim (on Mount Efrayim, also called Ramah, to the north of Jerusalem)

11) [line 14] ZIKNAH KAFTZAH ALAV - he aged suddenly
12) [line 21] LO KA SHAVIK SHMUEL - Shmuel does not let
13) [line 21] A'D'ZUTAR, MERANENEI A'BASREI - since he is young, people will spread evil rumors about him (presuming that he must have sinned)

14) [line 24] K'MELO NIMA - as much as a hair's breadth
15) [line 26] GIV'AH - hill (the Gemara says that this is alluding to Giv'as Binyamin, the hill of Binyamin, which is identified with Tel Al Ful, located to the right of the road between French Hill and Neveh Ya'akov, in northern Jerusalem of today)

16) [line 26] HA'ESHEL - the tamarisk tree
17) [line 26] RAMAH - Ramasayim Tzofim on Mount Efrayim, also called Ramah, to the north of Jerusalem

*18*) [line 28] SHTEI SHANIM U'MECHETZEH - Sha'ul ha'Melech lived for an extra two and a half years in Giv'ah due to the prayers of Shmuel; these two and a half years corresponded to the second half of the eleventh year, the twelfth year, and the thirteenth year of Shmuel's term as the judge of the nation (by himself, after Eli ha'Kohen died; Eli died at age 98, or 40 years after Shmuel was born, leaving Shmuel, who died at 52, as the sole leader for 12 years) (Rashi).

19) [line 31] "AL KEN CHATZAVTI BA'NEVI'IM, HARAGTIM B'IMREI FI" - "Because I have made My words clear-cut through the prophets, I have slain them because of the utterances of My mouth"(Hoshea 6:5)

20) [line 37] MESICHIN - converse, talk
21) [line 37] SHEMA YAKDIM KANEH LA'VESHET - perhaps the trachea (windpipe) will precede the esophagus [and the food will go into the windpipe, causing him to choke]

22) [line 39] SAFDU SAFDENAYA - the eulogizers eulogized
b) [line 39] V'CHANTU CHANATAYA - and the embalmers embalmed
23) [line 42] MIYAD NIKRI - he would immediately have an incidence of Keri (nocturnal emission)

24) [line 44] LIVARCHAN MAR - bless me, my teacher
25) [line 46] AMAS HA'MAYIM - channel of water

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