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Sotah 10

SOTAH 10 (5 Teves) - has been dedicated to the memory of Max (Meir Menachem) Turkel on his Yahrzeit by his children Eddie and Lawrence and their children, and by his wife Jean Turkel/Rafalowicz.

We recommend reading the book "Samson's Struggle" (Rabbi Gershon Weiss in collaboration with Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan; Kol HaYeshiva Publications 1984) to gain a deeper appreciation for the Gemara's perspective on Shimshon and his life and times.

1) [line 1] HUCHAL SHEVU'ASO SHEL AVIMELECH - the covenant between Avraham Avinu's family and the descendents of Avimelech (Bereishis 21:32), the King of the Pelishtim, was annulled [since the Pelishtim broke their oath]

2) [line 4] B'AMASO - in his male organ
3a) [line 21] KAMEI D'SHASEI CHAMRA, CHAMRA - before a wine drinker, serve wine
b) [line 22] KAMEI D'REFUKA, (GERIDIYA DUVLA) [GIRDA D'YAVLA] - before a gardener, serve scraped roots of cynodon (a type of edible grass)

4) [line 23] "IM NIFTAH LIBI AL ISHAH, V'AL PESACH RE'I ARAVTI." - "If my heart has been deceived by a woman, or if I have laid wait at my neighbor's door;]" (Iyov 31:9)

5) [line 24] "TITCHAN L'ACHER ISHTI, V'ALEHA YICHRE'UN ACHERIN" - "Then let my wife grind for another, and let others bow down upon her." (Iyov 31:10)

6) [line 24] IHU (BEI KAREI) [V'KAREI] V'ITESEI (BEI BUTZINEI) [V'VUTZINEI] - (lit. he with large gourds and his wife with small gourds) both the husband and the wife have the same evil intentions, but hers are to a lesser degree

7) [line 27] ME'EIN SHEMO - similar to His Holy Name
8) [line 29] CHIGER - lame
9) [line 29] "...VA'YELECH SHEFI." - "[And Bil'am said to Balak, 'Stand by your burnt offering, and I will go; perhaps HaSh-m will come to meet me; and whatever He shows me I will tell you.'] And he went away limping." (Bamidbar 23:3) - RASHI explains that the word "Shefi" has the connotation of "limping" due to a dislocation (O.F. esloisseiz - dislocated).

10a) [line 29] SHIMSHON, CHIGER BI'SHTEI RAGLAV HAYAH - Shimshon was lame in both legs, similar to a snake (see next entry), which must slither on its belly. The snake lies in wait at the side of a road and bites the legs of a horse, causing its rider to fall off. The MAHARSHA explains that the Gemara is referring to the incident at the end of Shimshon's life, when he was caught and chained by the Pelishtim in their house of idol worship. During their festival, where thousands crowded into the house, Shimshon begged HaSh-m to strengthen him once again so that he could take revenge against his captors. HaSh-m complied, and he was able to kill more Pelishtim at that time than during the rest of his reign as Shofet. He died with those in the house, along with many more who were "riding" on the roof (Shoftim 16:23-30).
b) [line 30] "SHEFIFON ALEI ORACH" - "[Dan shall be a serpent by the way,] an adder in the path, [that bites the heels of a horse, so that his rider shall fall backward.]" (Bereishis 49:17)

11) [line 30] ME'EIN DUGMA SHEL MA'ALAH - with a semblance of the Divine; they were created with exceptional qualities not found among other people

12) [line 33] KED'BA'INAN L'MEIMAR KAMAN - as we shall say below (at the bottom of Daf 10b)

13) [line 35] SHE'ACHAZTO PODAGRA - he was afflicted with gout in the feet
14) [line 37] MEICHASH HAVAH CHASH BEI - he himself suffered from this
15) [line 39] ANAGARYA - hard work
16) [line 42] SHE'NISGANEH BAH - whose reputation was sullied there
17a) [line 45] VARDONIYA, U'BEI BERAI - towns in Bavel near each other, that are located on a slope
b) [line 45] V'SHUKA D'NARASH - and the marketplace of Narse, a town in Bavel
18) [line 52] PUNDAK - an inn
19) [line 53] "VA'YITA OHALEI APADNO..." - "And he shall plant the tents of his palace [between the seas and the holy mountain of beauty; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.]" (Daniel 11:45) - This verse, which refers to a battle and conquest at the End of Days, describes pitching tents with the word for "planting."


20) [line 1] VA'YAKRI - and he caused others to call [in the Name of HaSh-m]
21) [line 14] "HI MUTZEIS..." - "When she was brought out [to be executed], she sent to her father-in-law, saying, 'By the man to whom these belong, am I with child.' And she said, 'Discern, I beg you, to whom these belong, the signet, the robe and the staff.'" (Bereishis 38:25)

22) [line 15] L'ACHAR SHE'NIMTZE'U SIMANEHA - after her signs [of her innocence, i.e. Yehudah's possessions that he gave her as collateral] were found

23) [line 17] "LA'MENATZE'ACH AL YONAS ELEM RECHOKIM L'DAVID MICHTAM, BE'ECHOZ OSO FELISHTIM B'GAS." - "For the conductor, regarding the distant dove of silence, by David, a Michtam, when the Pelishtim held him in Gas." (Tehilim 56:1)

24) [line 20] MACH V'TAM - humble and flawless in his ways
25) [line 21] MAKASO TAMAH - the place where he was meant to have a wound (the place of his Bris Milah) was flawless; he was born without a foreskin

26) [line 25] V'SEIMA LEI MEIMAR - and why did she not state explicitly [that he was her suitor]

27) [line 30] V'AL YALBIN PENEI CHAVERO - and he should not shame his friend
28) [line 41] MIMENI YATZ'U KEVUSHIM - hidden things (decrees from HaSh-m) have come from Me

29) [line 45] "...V'HAYAH MIKETZ YAMIM L'YAMIM ASHER YEGALE'ACH KI CHAVED ALAV V'GILCHO..." - "[And when he shaved his head,] for it was at every year's end that he shaved it; because the hair was heavy on him, therefore he shaved it; he weighed the hair of his head at two hundred shekels according to the king's weight." (Shmuel II 14:26)

30) [line 48] "SOVECH HA'ELAH" - "the thick branches of a large terebinth" (Shmel II 18:9)

31) [line 48] SHAKAL SAFSIRA, BA'A L'MIFSEKEI - he drew his sword and was about to cut [his hair]

32) [line 49] NIVKA SHE'OL MI'TACHTAV - the depths of Gehinom opened up under him
33) [line 51] LA'AT - covered (as a mourner)
34) [line 53] "V'AVSHALOM LAKACH, VA'YATZEV LO V'CHAYAV ES MATZEVES ASHER B'EMEK HA'MELECH, KI AMAR, 'EIN LI VEN...'" - "And Avshalom had undertaken in his lifetime [a wicked affair.] And he erected for himself the pillar that is in the Valley of the King, for he said, 'I have no son...'" (Shmuel II 18:18)

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