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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 44, v. 18: "Bi adoni" - Your mastery over Egypt came about through me. I, Yehudoh, was the one who suggested, "Let us go and sell him to the Yishmeilim" (Breishis 37:27), beginning the series of events that brought you to the throne. (Ohr Hachaim Hakodosh)

Ch. 44, v. 31: "V'hoyoh chiroso ki ein hanaar vo'meis" - Although Binyomin left behind ten sons, no mention is made of their anguish. This is because a father is more pained by the loss of a son than visa versa. This is because it has been imbedded into the human psyche by primary man, Odom Horishon. He had sons but no parents for whom to care. (Rabbi Mayer Yechiel haLevi Admor of Ostrovtza)

Alternatively, one cares much more for another into whom he has invested time and effort, than for one who has given to him. (Rabbi E.E. Dessler in Michtav mei'Eliyohu)

Ch. 44, v. 34: "Ki eich e'e'leh el ovi v'hanaar einenu iti" - How can I go up to my Father in heaven when my child is not with me, i.e. he has gone astray and not followed in my footsteps of Torah observance. (Rabbi Mayer of Premishlan, Rabbi Yehudoh Tzadka)

Ch. 45, v. 4: "Ani Yoseif achichem asher m'chartem osi" - I am Yoseif who did not lose his brotherly love for you even AS YOU SOLD ME ("asher" is understood as "kaasher"). (Ohr Hachaim Hakodosh)

Ch. 45, v. 4: "Asher m'chartem osi" - Just as Rashi (gemara Shabbos 87) says on the final words of the Torah "ASHER ossoh Moshe" (Dvorim 34:12), "y'yasher kochacho sheshibarto," we can likewise say, "y'yasher kochachem asher m'chartem osi." Benefit has arisen from this as, "ki l'michyoh shlochani Elokim lifneichem." (Sfas Emes)

Ch. 45, v. 28: "Ode Yoseif bni choy" - Although Yaakov believed the report that Yoseif was still alive, he greatly feared that all the years in Egypt away from a proper Torah environment, had done their damage. If Yoseif had assimilated, it was even worse than had he died. Upon hearing that Yoseif was alive and still behaving as a G-d-fearing person, Yaakov responded, "ode Yoseif bni," if he is still behaving like my son, then and only then, "choy," is he still alive (spiritually). (Nirreh li)

Ch. 46, v. 4: "V'onochi aalcho gam olo" - Even though I will elevate you, "gam olo," you should continue to elevate yourself even higher. (Kedushas Levi) Alternatively, you will also being along with yourselves the "eirev rav." (Ponim Yofos)

Ch. 46, v. 12: "Va'yomos Eir v'Onon b'eretz K'naan va'yi'h'yu vnei Feretz Chetzron v'Chomul" - Eir and Onon died and their souls were reincarnated, "va'yi'h'yu," as the sons of Peretz, Chetzron and Chomul. (Ohr Hachaim Hakodosh) This explains why only these two grandsons of the "shvotim," and no others are listed. (Mahari"l Diskin)

Ch. 46, v. 30: "Omusoh hapo'am" - When I thought that you were dead I felt the pain so greatly that I died a daily death. Now that you are alive, I will die but once. (Nirreh li)

Ch. 47, v. 18: "Lo n'chacheid mei'adoni" - We cannot deny in front of our master that when "tam ha'kesef," our yearning and enthusiasm in service of Hashem have ended, "umiknei ha'b'heimoh el adoni," and all that is left is the negative acquired animalistic tendencies with which to serve our Master, and unfortunately, "lo nishar lifnei adoni bilti im gvio'seinu v'admo'seinu," there is nothing left in front of our Master save our physical bodies and our earthiness. (Nirreh li)


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