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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 28, v. 11: "Va'yishkav bamokome hahu" - Rashi says that that night Yaakov went to sleep, but during the previous 14 years that he spent in the Yeshiva of Eiver he did not go to sleep. What was so unique about these 14 years? Yaakov spent his first years learning there as well, as mentioned in Rashi at the beginning of parshas Toldos. The difference is that in the earlier years Yaakov learned how to behave in the environment of his holy family, while during these 14 years he was taught how to spiritually survive in the foreign environment of Lovon. (Rabbi Mayer Yechiel haLevi of Ostrovtza in Mayer Einei Chachomim vol. #2)

Ch. 28, v. 11,13: "Va'yishkav bamokome hahu, V'hi'nei Hashem nitzov olov" - As soon as Yaakov lied down, held himself humble, Hashem's Presence was upon him. (Toldos Yaakov Yoseif)

Ch. 28, v. 16: "O'chein yeish Hashem bamokome ha'zeh v'onochi lo yodoti" - Since I see Hashem's Presence in this place that I find myself, I must conclude that I have not been aware of "myself." I am not haughty. (Rabbi Yisroel of Tchortkov mipi hashmuoh from the N'sivos Sholo'm)

Ch. 28, v. 20: "V'nosan li lechem le'echol u'veged lilbosh .. v'hoyoh Hashem li" - It is specifically when I have my physical needs taken care of that I have to be careful not to turn away from Hashem. (Rabbi Yoseif Zvi of Skernovitz in B'oholei Tzadikim)

Ch. 28, v. 22: "V'chol asher ti'ten li a'seir aasrenu loch" - Not only will I tithe that which I have earned, but ALL that You have given me, from every pleasure and benefit I have received, I will give a portion for Hashem. (N'sivos Sholo'm)

Ch. 29, v. 7: "Hein ode ha'yom godol lo eis hei'o'seif hamikneh" - In but a short time will come the "yom hagodol," the day of one's final reckoning. Therefore, while here on this world, the place of opportunity to accomplish great spiritual matters, one should have no time to amass physical property. (Rabbi Moshe of Kobrin in Toras Ovos)

Ch. 29, v. 10,11: "Va'yigash Yaakov va'yo'gel es ho'evven, Va'yishak Yaakov l'Rochel" - Light minded people might feel that Yaakov's removing the heavy stone and kissing Rochel involved impressing her and having physical pleasure. However, everyone agrees that when Yaakov fought the archangel of Eisov and embraces him while wrestling that he had no intentions of physical pleasures during the embrace. This is the intention of the words in "t'filas geshem," "Yicheid leiv v'gol evven mipi b'eir mayim k'ne'evak lo sar bolul mei'aish umimayim." Just as when Yaakov wrestled and embraced the angel, the same emotions were there when he removed the stone, with no personal pleasures in mind. (Sar Sholo'm of Belz)

Ch. 29, v. 31: "Va'yar Hashem ki snuoh Leah v'yiftach es rachmoh" - The gemara explains that Eisov's behaviour was loathed by Leah. Why would this bring about her bearing children? The gemara says that Hashem sometimes holds back righteous people from bearing children so that they pray for this. Hashem loves the prayers of the righteous. Since Hashem saw that Leah prayed to Him continuously to not become Eisov's wife, as she abhorred his behaviour, there was no need to hold her back from bearing children right away, as she prayed to Hashem continuously. (Kedushas Levi)


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