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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 41, v. 14: "Va'y'ritzuhu min habore" - Hashem's salvation comes suddenly and is hurried, as we find here and by the exodus from Egypt, "ki goreshu miMitzrayim" (Shmos 12:39). The same will take place with the final redemption, "Ufisom yovo el heicholo haMelech" (Malachi 3:1). (Sforno)

Ch. 41, v. 47: "Vataas ho'oretz ..likmotzim" - And the earth, by producing such an abundance of produce, gave people the opportunity to be generous and not stingy. (Noam Elimelech)

Ch. 42, v. 7: "Va'yisna'keir a'leihem" - Before Yoseif dealt with them he totally made himself a stranger, i.e. he emotionally removed himself from all that they had done to him, as if they had never met before. Then, and only then, did he move forward with his strategy. (Divrei Yechezkeil of Shinov)

Ch. 42, v. 7: "Va'y'da'bei itom koshos" - Because Yoseif spoke to them sharply they did not recognize him. They were used to a soft-spoken brother. (Rabbi Shlomo of Radomsk in Tiferes Shlomo)

Ch. 42, v. 11: "Kulonu bnei ish echod nochnu" - The word is not "anachnu" because they were missing one brother. (Nirreh li)

Ch. 42, v. 13: "Hakoton es ovinu" - He who makes himself small (koton) cleaves to (es=with) our Heavenly Father (ovinu). (Rabbi Yitzchok Yaakov of Biala in Divrei Vinoh)

Ch. 42, v. 18: "Zose assu vich'yu es hoElokim ani yo'rei" - Do this to give yourself spiritual life. Make sure that you can honestly say, "es hoElokim ani yo'rei." Rabbi Yechezkeil of Kuzhmir)

Ch. 42, v. 21: "Avol asheimim anachnu" - They finally verbalized that they were guilty. This created a defending angel, a "meilitz yosher," "ki ha'meilitz beinosom" (verse 23). (Rabbi Shlomo of Radomsk in Tiferes Shlomo)

Ch . 42, v. 26: "Shivrom al chamo'reihem" - Their broken humbled spirit caused their physicality, "chumrius," to be elevated, "al." (Rabbi Yisroel of Modzitz in Divrei Yisroel)

Ch. 42, v. 26: "Shivrom al chamo'reihem" - A broken humbled spirit should be present when one pursues physicality, but when it comes to spiritual pursuits one should proceed with his head held high. (Rabbi Yitzchok Yaakov of Biala in Divrei Vinoh)

Ch. 42, v. 28: "Va'yecherdu ish el ochiv" - They were each concerned only for his brother. (Rabbi Yisroel of Modzitz in Divrei Yisroel)

Ch. 43, v. 10: "Ki lu'lei hismahmohnu ki atoh shavnu" - We have delayed repenting during the month of Elul (same letters as "lu'lei), KI, Kof-Yud=thirty days (including the first day of Rosh Chodesh), "atoh" days that are set aside for repentance ("ein atoh ello teshuvoh). (Nirreh li)

Ch. 43, v. 20: "Yorode yoradnu batchiloh lishbor ochel" - We were originally sent down to this world to break the lust for food. (This concept is not limited to food. It also means other physical lusts.) However, we unfortunately find that "v'hi'nei chesef ish," the yearning of man "b'fi amtachto," is still present in the mouth of his storage place. (Rabbi Avrohom of Slonim in Toras Ovos)


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