A Drop Of Dikduk

Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parshas Eikev

The Statement: Devarim 7:13 "Degancha VeSiroshcha VeYitzhorecha" Your grain and your wine and your oil. The Taamim are a Kadmah VeAzlah over Degancha and a Munach Revii over VeSiroshcha VeYitzhorecha.

The Rule: Generally when a list of three objects is given, the first one receives a Taam which is a Mesharays followed by a Taam Mafsik and the last one is also a Taam Mafsik. An Example is Shmos 1:3 Yissachar, Zevulun and Binyamin, in this case the words are given a Taam Mesharays followed by two Mafsikim. Further examples of this may be found in Shmos 25:3 Zahav Vachesef Unechoshes the first Taam is a Marecha a Mesharays followed by a Tipcha which is a Mafsik under Vachesef. Another example is in Shmos 28:17-20 where it lists the stones of the Choshen. In each instance the first stone is given a Taam of Mesharays followed by the second stone having a Mafsik for a Taam.

The Problem: Why in the Posuk in this week's Parsha is Degancha given a Taam Mafsik of a Kadmah VeAzlah? Following the previous rule it should have a Taam Mesharays since it is the first of three articles to be listed.

The Solution: When the articles which are second and third are more closely related then the first two articles, then the Taamim will change. In this case since the second and third are more closely related they will be grouped together. In this instance since wine and oil are liquids as compared to wheat which is a solid the wine and oil are grouped together. Therefore in this instance the wine and oil are grouped separately and apart from the wheat. It is for this reason that the wheat is given a Taam Mafsik and the wine and oil are given a Mesharays and Mafsik combination.

The Proof: Devarim 28:51 the word Dagan is given a Mafsik followed by Tirosh VeYitzhor with a Mesharays Mafsik combination. The same is true in Chagai 1:11 and in Yirmiyah 31:11.

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