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Rabbi Tober learning with one of our students

Rosh Hayeshiva
Rabbi M. M. Glustein
Rabbi Y. Bistriz
Rabbi S. Zeffren

Executive Director
Rabbi M. Tober

6155 Deacon Road
Montreal Que.

The Yeshiva Gedola was established in 1965 for the purpose of combining the appropriate standards of Jewish orthodoxy with the highest expectations of academic excellence in general studies.

The Yeshiva Gedola aims to provide its students with an intensive Hebrew and general Education and to imbibe its youth with a strong foundation in Jewish tradition, law, culture and history, and serve to ensure the continuity of both the Jewish people and survival of traditional Judaism.

Concurrently, the Yeshiva Gedola aims to motivate students to pursue their studies in schools of higher education and to inculcate into its students a drive for excellence in all their endeavours, becoming true scholars, loyal citizens and people of stature and character.

Our students, upon completing their Quebec High School matriculation, may choose to continue their Jewish studies or proceed to colleges and universities of their choice. A large percentage of our graduates have become professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers) and a great number choose careers in all facets of the business world. Many of those who opt for Rabbinical studies become influential Rabbis, educators and principals in Jewish schools in Canada and other parts of the world. Others assume careers in the broader spectrum of the Jewish community, i.e. kashruth (supervisors of the kashruth responsibilities, and outreach programs in Canada and abroad - including Israel- Russia) to our fellow Jews.

Our enrollment totals approximately 400 students with classes ranging from pre - nursery, kindergarten, elementary to high school. It is important to note that a very large number (approximately 60%) attend on scholarships and for many no tuition fees are paid. Naturally we will never deny a family the opportunity of sending a

child to our school and we therefore have to absorb the costs. As well, we have a number of students in our dormitory, and we are very proud of the fact that we continue to welcome Jewish immigrant children to Montreal.

In particular, these and other students require more personal attention and tutoring which involves a great amount of time and money. This special program enables students to become integrated into the school and to be able to continue their education on a level with their peers.

The Yeshiva's facilities are designed to provide for the finest quality overall education possible. We therefore have to upgrade and maintain the following facilities which include;

Library and Lab: To provide a fine assortment of books to meet the academic requirements of the high school and the elementary school.

Computer Room: The appropriate facilities to enable our students to learn the basic processes to develop operational and programming skills and to keep up with technological innovations.

Special Education:: The school houses a special program which helps children with learning difficulties to take advantage of opportunities to maximize their intellectual, emotional and physical resources.

Gymnasium and Playground: As part of our belief in providing a healthy environment for our students, we also believe it is necessary to provide our children the opportunity to develop recreational skills and physical development.

In addition, our campus includes:

- a dormitory - housing approximately 60 students

- a cafeteria - providing proper nourishment for our youth.

- remodeled preschool - kindergarten classes.

- remedial and tutorial services - to respond to our students needs.

- day camp - summer activities for elementary students.

The Yeshiva Gedola is proud of its achievements in creating a Montreal center for traditional Judaic education combined with general scholastic excellence. Young Montrealers and Canadians can therefore be educated in Montreal which greatly contributes to our local Jewish community by maintaining a strong Jewish identity and presence in Quebec.

We are proud of the fact that our school reflects our Montreal community, in that 25% - 30% of our students are from the Sephardic community.

However, as you can see, our financial requirements have become increasingly difficult to meet, especially as so many of our students are unable to contribute towards their tuition costs. Therefore, we are broadening our fund activities and are making an appeal to the Jewish community for assistance . Our underlying philosophy has always been to develop outstanding, well educated leaders and lay members of our community.

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