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A Gemach is an organization dedicated to helping people without expectation of compensation.
A Tele-Gemach is using the best in technology to bring people together to help each other.

  • For those who want to give or sell
  • For those who need
  • For those who want to volunteer
  • For articles lost or found
  • For shiduchim, housewares, furniture, work, apartments, etc., etc.

There is a number to call

TELEGEMACH - 08-9412337 - 24 HOURS A DAY

Present Programs

Candle in the Night
Cassette on Jewish guidance through emotional pain (90 minutes).
"Luach HaChesed"
We sent out a Chesed Bulletin (free) with information about various Chesed projects. We also advertise Gemachim and work offers for free.
Refuas Hanefesh
Counselling by phone or in person. Anonymous counselling also available.)
Adopt a family in Israel.
We link families in the Diaspora to poor families here in Israel. They write and send help from time to time.
Tele-Gemach Worldwide
Organizing Branches throughout the world, we give guidance. All that is needed is a telephone and an open heart.
International Shiduch Service
Fax, write or email Telegemach. We will do our best to help you build the Jewish home you're looking for. Fax: +972-8-9411907. Address: Telegemach, Moshav Yesodot, D.N. Emek Sorek, 76810, ISRAEL
From Israel with Love, by Chaya Brurya Chait

TeleGemach Moshav Yesodot, D.N. Emek Sorek, 76810, ISRAEL . Telephone: 08-9412337 Fax: 972-8-9411907
Write us at Telegemach.
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