About Rabbi Shapiro

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro is a Rav and teacher in New York City. He is the author of numerous articles on various topics of Halachah and Hashkafa, and at age 19, printed a commentary on the writings of Rabbi Akiva Eger. He is the grand-nephew of the Satmar Rav, ztl, son-in-law of Rabbi Yeruchem Gorelick, ztl, a Rosh Yeshiva in Yeshiva University, and prominent figure in the American rabbinical scene, and a Talmid Muvhak of Rav Schneur Kotler, ztl, Rosh Yeshiva of the Lakewood Yeshiva, and from whom Rabbi Shapiro received his seimcha, at age 21.

He started his career in the rabbinate in the Agudah of Belle Harbor at age 26. The Jewish Press (3/96) describes Rabbi Shapiro as “one of the Yeshiva world’s most promising young Torah scholars. He [already] serves as posek for a large number of constituents.”

Rabbi Shapiro’s scholarly attainments notwithstanding, what has brought him distinction is his accomplishments in the field of Kiruv - within our own community.

Project ReJewvenation

Over a decade ago, when Rabbi Shapiro was just starting out in his career as a Rav and a teacher, he foresaw what in his mind was going to be a serious problem with Orthodox youth. He contacted major Jewish organizations asking that they do something about the forthcoming outbreak of religious rebelliousness among Yeshiva-educated Orthodox teenagers. But the possibility that “our community” could have such problems was denied then by the lay leadership, and so the problem was swept under the rug.

So Rabbi Shapiro struck out on his own, privately dealing with lost boys and girls within our community. Five years ago he founded “Project ReJewvenation,” an organization designed to deal with the unique problem of rebelliousness among Orthodox teenagers.


Today, Yeshivas, social service agencies, rabbis, community leaders, parents, and kids themselves solicit Rabbi Shapiro’s assistance with what is now recognized as an undeniable, spiraling problem: Teenage rebelliousness in our community.

Project ReJewvenation presently has a full-time staff, and is dealing with over 200 cases of at-risk and wayward youth, from New York to South Africa. A satellite branch of Project ReJewvenation has just been established in Miami, Florida. Project ReJewvenation has the backing of Torah leaders in America and Israel.