Just One Perek of Tehillim a Day
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The International Network of Women's tehillim groups says tehillim before Rosh Chodesh each month.  For the dates that tehillim is scheduled for this year, click here.

Worldwide Tehillim
Join the 12th annual Worldwide Yarzeit of Rachel Imeinu video effort!


Key Tefillah List

Key is a worldwide grassroots group of women dedicated to promoting the mitzva of ahavas yisrael (love of one's fellow Jew) and observance of the Torah commandment, "ve'ahavta l'reacha k'mocho." More information on KEY is available on our KEY information page.

For a Statement from Gedolim, click here.

For other statements from Gedolim and Rabbonim regarding the crisis in Israel, click here.

For a letter from Rebbitzen Kanievsky, on what can be done about the tragedies we see today, click here.

To get the latest information on our current efforts, please see our current efforts page.

For Segulos for Refu'ah, click here.

Special Tfillot:

Use these downloadable charts to keep track of the 100 brachos per day, for shabbos, rosh chodesh and weekday:  http://www.meahbrachos.com/.
The Shelah Hakadosh wrote a beautiful tfilla for parents to say on behalf of their children. This tfilla is for Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, but you can say it any time. View it here.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller's zt"l Ten Steps to Greatness-- a list of ten spiritual exercises you can practice each day.

Notes on how to do bikkur cholim (visiting the sick) from Hakhel.

shabbos candles Click here to find out about our Shabbos candles & Shabbos mitzvos effort.

Add names of people in need of tfillos (prayers) to our Tfilla List. You can list people who are sick, or trying to conceive, or in need of financial help, or looking for a marriage partner. KEY members around the world will pray for them.

List which tehillim (Psalms) are especially appropriate for praying for those who are ill, and find a text of a prayer to say for those who are ill.

Access the KEY chessed list, which lists acts of chessed undertaken by women around the globe.

Hakhel Ahavas Yisrael Checklist

NOTE: KEY maintains a list of acts of chessed undertaken by various women around the world. We hope this will serve to inspire additional acts of chessed! You can add to this list if:

(1) you have decided to do an act of chessed; or

(2) someone else did an act of chessed for you, and you would like to describe what that meant to you. We hope this will also inspire others because they will see how the chessed done is valued.

Do you have a chessed project to add to the list, or would you like to list chessed someone else did for you?

We are also expanding our section on the practice of chessed (lovingkindness) and the mitzvah of ve'ahavta l'reacha kmocho (loving one's neighbor/friend). Some suggestions for how to be a good guest are found here.

Looking for opportunities to do chessed or give charity? Access a list of chessed organizations here.

There is a prayer for finding lost objects.  Some say to give tsedaka in the denomination of 70, such as 70 cents or 70 dollars, and donate it to a charity for poor scholars in Eretz Yisrael.  Then say this prayer.

KEY's efforts on behalf of ahavas yisroel are sponsored by private donors.
For more information, contact KEY by phone: 718-972-3047
or by fax, 718-851-2803 or 201-837-7444

Special Note from Hakhel: Forty Days.

Many of us are familiar with the “segula” of davening (or having a shliach daven for you) at the Kosel for forty days in a row in order to obtain a particular yeshua that is needed. In fact, Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch, Shlita (Teshuvos V’Hanhagos 4:61) writes that this segula can be accomplished in any Bais HaMedrash or Bais Haknesses, if you expressly enter to daven for this particular need. The key to success is temidus (consistency and constancy) in a Makom Kadosh.