Mendel Beilis
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Editorís Preface: The Making of a Martyr

War and Peace

A Boy Is Murdered

Arrested at Dawn

The Secret Police

Strange Questions

Behind Bars

The Bloody Analysis

The Spies

A Taste of Prison Life

My Attorneys Appear

A Convict with a Heart

New Intrigues

Between Hope and Despair

More Interrogations

Attorneys under Attack

The Attempt to Poison Me

A Murdererís Suicide

The New Indictment

The Trial at Last


The Trial Begins

Diverse Witnesses

More Surprises

Slander and Lies

The Tzaddikim

More Lies Exposed

The Scene of the Crime

The Verbal Battle

A Narrow Escape

A Verdict at Last

My Prison Transformed

Home at Last

A Rejoicing World

Provisions for the Future

To Palestine

From Kiev to Trieste

In the Land of Israel

Editorís Note: Postscript

Appendix: The Jewish Response


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