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Lakewood, New Jersey ...

... A vibrant Torah community directly influencing Jewish education world-over

... A quiet country setting far from the city's untoward influences

Here... BAIS KAILA feels it possible to provide the ULTIMATE IN EDUCATION FOR YOUNG WOMEN.

Utilizing the unusual educational resources of our community, we select the most experienced and dedicated educators. A challenging, well-rounded learning experience results, assuring excellence in both hebrew and secular studies.

Just a short drive south of New York City lies the Torah community of Lakewood NJ. Far removed from the profligate influences of the city, the tree lined streets of this serene and picturesque town reverberate with the sweet sounds of Torah, not the clamor and blare of urban congestion. Today this prestigious community is a model which guides the entire Torah world. In this beautiful setting, the students of Bais Kaila High School are taught Torah and the traditional values of our precious heritage. Here they can truly grow into the kind of Bnos Yisroel that have always been the backbone of our people.

Bais Kaila High School was founded in 1977 by Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewski and Rabbi Shmuel Mayer, both alumni of the world famous Lakewood Yeshiva, to serve Lakewood and the other Central New Jersey communities. By establishing this school its founders have enabled the Kollel families to continue living in a true Torah atmosphere even upon leaving the Kollel.

Originally located in Belmar, New Jersey, with only a handful of students, Bais Kaila soon outgrew its limited facilities and moved to its present campus in the town of Lakewood in 1985. Continuously expanding to meet the needs of a growing community.

Under the experienced leadership of Rabbi Schenkolewski and Rabbi Mayer, Bais Kaila continues to infuse its students with the love of Torah and Midos Tovos. Having educators of the highest caliber gives each student the confidence needed to accept the proper guidance offered. Bais Kaila has implemented many unique programs so that each girl is encouraged to reach her full potential, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Bais Kaila is proud to continue the glorious chain that Sara Schenirer of saintly memory* began with the establishment of the Bais Yaakov movement.

*The initiator and founder of the first institutions with intensive religious education for women .

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