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Ta'anis 18

TA'ANIS 17, 18, 19 - Ari Kornfeld has generously sponsored the Dafyomi publications for these Dafim for the benefit of Klal Yisrael

1) [line 7] ASAS BESORTA TAVTA - a good tiding arrived
2) [line 7] D'LO YE'IDUN ME'ORAISA - that they will no longer be forced to remove themselves from the Torah

3) [line 11] MATRONISA - Roman matron; aristocratic woman
4) [line 13] HIFGINU - they cried out in public
5) [line 14] EI SHAMAYIM - woe Heavens! i.e. Oh help us, Hashem!
6) [line 14] LO ACHIM ANACHNU? - are we not your brothers (we are both descendents of Yitzchak through Yakov and Esav)?

7a) [line 27] D'ILU MIKLA (LEI) MILSA U'VATLINEI L'SHIV'AH - if something happens (a decree was enacted against the Jews) and we annul seven days of the holiday of the Tamid in order to establish a public fast [we may still not fast on the eighth day]
b) [line 28] D'HAVAH LEI YOMA KAMA D'ITOSAV BEI CHAGA D'SHAVU'AYA - because the eighth day is the first day of the holiday of the reestablishment of [the method to fix the correct day of the week for the holiday of] Shavu'os

8) [line 41] ASBERA LACH - I will explain it to you


9) [line 4] YOMEI PURAYA - the days of Purim
10) [line 7] NIKANOR - a general under Antioch Epiphanes and Demetrius I, defeated and slain by Judah Maccabee (the Gemara explains the reason for the celebration)

11) [line 9] TURYANOS - Trajan, the Roman Emperor (98-117 CE) (the Gemara explains the reason for the celebration)

12) [line 10] B'CHADEISAR - on the eleventh [of Adar]
13) [line 16] IPARCHEI - (O.F. dukos - commander) prefect of a province or town
14) [line 17] MENIF YADO - wave his hand
15) [line 17] V'ERMESENAH - and I will trample it
16) [line 21] LUDKIYA - Laodicea ad Lycum, a city in Lydia, a district of Asia Minor
17) [line 29] DEYUPLEI - (a) two ministers (RASHI); (b) two messengers (ARUCH); (c) important military men who receive a double wage because of their heroism (MUSAF HA'ARUCH)

18) [line 29] GIZRIN - clubs


19) [line 36] REVI'AH RISHONAH - the early rains; i.e. if rain has not fallen by the 17th of Cheshvan

20) [line 36] TZEMACHIM SHE'SHANU - plants that grew in an unusual manner
21) [line 38] MAKAS BATZORES - a plague of drought
22a) [line 39] BOROS - wells that are dug in the ground
b) [line 39] SHICHIN - elongated ditches
c) [line 40] ME'AROS - caves
23) [last line] "...CHELKAH ACHAS TIMATER..." - "...one field was rained upon..." (Amos 4:7)

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