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Ta'anis 16

TA'ANIS 16 (11 Elul) - dedicated to the memory of Chana (Birnbaum) bas Reb Chaim, on the day of her Yarzeit.

1) [line 28] HA'MORIYAH - the Temple Mount; alt. Mount Sinai
2) [line 33] ADAM SHEL TZURAH - (a) a person who looks dignified (RASHI); (b) a student who does not yet qualify as a Chacham (ROSH 2:22)

3) [line 39] (ASRA) [ASREI/ASRU] - they bound
*4*) [line 40] IM EIN ATAH MERACHEM ALEINU - (a) they attempted to arouse mercy in the hearts of the people by tormenting the animals. In this way, they hoped to arouse the mercy of the One Above as well. (RASHI, according to ETZ YOSEF) (b) They "threatened" Hashem by saying, "Until you have mercy on us, we will not have mercy on these animals." (see Etz Yosef)

*5*) [line 42] ALUV V'SHE'EINO ALUV, TZADIK V'RASHA, MI NIDCHEH MIPNEI MI? - if one who is submissive and one who is not, or a righteous person and a wicked person [come into conflict]; who will give in to the other? (That is, they did not intend to actually change their ways permanently. Instead, they "argued" with Hashem, saying, "We will make a big fuss if you try to punish us. Since it is your nature to forgive and forget, let us off the hook!")

6) [line 44] MARISH - a beam
7) [line 44] MEKA'AKE'A - tear down
8) [line 51] METUPAL V'EIN LO - he has children but no provisions for them
9) [line 52] YEGI'AH - investments; fields that depend upon the rain
10) [line 52] PIRKO NA'EH - he has a good reputation since his youth
11) [line 52] V'YESH LO NE'IMAH - he can sing melodies that inspires the heart
12) [line 53] KOLO AREV - his voice is pleasant


13) [line 5] "...NASNAH ALAY B'KOLAH AL KEN SENEISIHA." - "[My heritage (the Jewish People) is to me like a lion in the forest;] it cries out against me; therefore have I hated it." (Yirmeyahu 12:8)

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