Before he knew it, Yossie found himself in front of Mrs. Schwartz’s house. Eagerly he rang her bell and waited for the door to open.

“Why, hello Yossie,” Mrs. Schwartz looked so pleased to see her little guest. “Won’t you please come in? How good it is to see you here this fine Erev Shabbos.”

“Oh Yossie! Eliyohu HaNovi himself must have sent you here,” Mrs. Schwartz said, her face beaming like a light bulb.

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“I thought I’d be able to go down today and pick up my Challahs and groceries from the store. But it’s very windy outside and I have a cold. I really mustn’t go out in such weather. As it was getting closer to Shabbos, I was beginning to worry about what kind of Shabbos I would have this week how sad I would be with out my special Shabbos foods.”


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