Yossie was upset. Just because he was only five years old didn’t mean there was nothing he could do l’kavod Shabbos. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. Boruch Hashem, in his house there were a lot of people, all able and willing to help get ready for shabbos. But some houses weren’t so lucky. If there was nothing he could do in the Stern family, surely there was someone else who would be very happy to have his help. And then, he remembered…Mrs. Schwartz.

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Mrs. Schwartz was a kind old lady who lived around the corner from the Sterns, all by herself. Often Yossie went with his mother to visit Mrs. Schwartz and bring her a few things from the corner grocery.

Mrs. Stern always told Yossie what a Chesed it was to visit Mrs. Schwartz and how something that was so easy for them to do meant so much to her. Mrs. Schwartz always thanked Yossie and his mother for coming to her house and told them how much their visit cheered up her day. Then, Yossie knew, they had really done a big Mitzvah.

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