The old woman threw up her hands in surprise, and even gave a startled “Meow!” With Shaking hands she took the groceries from the children, and she could hardly even say thank you.

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After the children left, Mrs. Krupnik went inside her old house, sat down on her rocking chair, and stared for a long, long time at the groceries, until tears began to well up in her eyes. The children had thought of her in her loneliness, and had even brought her a gift! “Well!” She finally said to herself. “Now I must do something, too!” She stood up from her rocker, took her cane, and did something that she had not done in years – she went visiting. Mrs. Schwartz was certainly surprised to see that Mrs. Krupnick has come to visit her. “My goodness!” thought Mrs. Schwartz. “What does Mrs. Krupnik want from us now?”

“Good afternoon,” Mrs. Krupnik said politely. “Is it possible that I could come and spend Shabbos with you this evening?”

Mrs. Schwartz smiled. “Of course,” she said. “That would be our pleasure. Please do come.”


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