Yehudis looked at the angry old woman, her hand shaking as she held her cane, her cats meowing at her feet. Instead of being frightened, Yehudis suddenly felt sorry for her. Poor old woman! No one ever came to visit her? No one ever brought her a present?

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“Please,” she said to Mrs. Krupnick, “Take this bottle of grape juice, and this bag of oranges – for Shabbos!”

“Shabbos? Huh!” the old woman exclaimed. But she accepted the oranges and grape juice, and let the children through.

“You know what, David?” Yehudis whispered to her brother as they pulled their wagon up the walkway to Chana’s basement door. “She probably really needs help. Maybe that is why she’s always so angry.” . “You’re right, Yehudis,” David agreed. “Next week, Let’s bring groceries for her along with the food we bring for Chana.”


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