“David!” Yehudis whispered as they arrived at the old house. “Look! Mrs. Krupnick is standing in front of the gate! I think that she is not going to let us through!”

And indeed it appeared that she would not.

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“Why do you disturb me every week with your noisy wagon?” the old woman squawked at them in her crackly voice. “Go away!”

And David and Yehudis felt like running away – as quickly as they could. She was so mean! But they stopped themselves. Weren’t their teachers and classmates depending on them to carry out this mitzvah? And what kind of Shabbos would Chana and her mother have if they couldn’t have these shabbos gifts?

So Yehudis held tightly to the wagon handle and said bravely, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Krupnik, if we are disturbing you. But we just wanted to bring these packages to Chana and her mother.”

“Hmmph!” said the old woman, shaking her head, “That’s very nice! Chana and her mother moved in only a few weeks ago, and already you bring them packages! Well, I’m not letting you through! I’ve been living here for more that fifty years, and no one once brought a package for me!”


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