“Maybe Chana could come to our house and play,” Yehudis suggested. “We still have a few hours before Shabbos, and my father could bring her home again on his way to shul.”

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“Could I go, Imma?” Chana asked. Her mother nodded in agreement, and what fun Yehudis and Chana soon had playing on the thick soft carpeting of Yehudis’s living room. When it was time to wash and change for Shabbos, Chana took a Shabbos bath too, although she didn’t have her Shabbos clothes with her.

“What fluffy towels you have!” Chana said happily. “And such nice warm water! We don’t have much warm water in our basement.”

“Oh, no!” thought Yehudis to herself. “Imagine living in that cold, damp basement, and not even being able to have a warm bath!”

Just then they heard Yehudis’s mother calling, “Girls, are you ready? It’s time to light the Shabbos candles!”


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