David and Yehudis didn’t have to be told twice. They hurried to the side door, and knocked as loudly as they could. No one answered. All they heard was the cawing of a lonely crow flapping through the gray autumn sky. “Chana!” called the children. “Are you here?”

At last Chana’s mother came to the door, a frayed dish towel in her hands.. “How nice of you to come and visit!” she greeted the children, welcoming them inside. “Please come in, I’ll get Chana. She will be so happy to have company.”

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David and Yehudis stepped into the chilly little apartment. Although Mrs. Schwartz had swept it as clean as possible, it smelled damp and musty. Yehudis saw that there was a small kitchen on one side of the hallway, and a dim little living room, with two patched-up chairs, on the other side. Chana came out of the one small bedroom. Yes, these three dim, damp rooms were the whole apartment! How different from their own home, which was warm, cheery, and roomy!


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