Imma smiled as David’s excellent idea. “ What a wonderful mitzvah that would be!” she agreed. “ You bought treats for Shabbos, and now you want to share them with others.. What a big Mitzvah your treats are becoming!”

The children quickly filled a bag with in-honor-of-Shabbos treats, and hurried to Nettle Street, where Chana and her mother lived. A chilly wind blew on the empty street as the children walked up and down, looking at the pleasant houses with their wide green lawns. “ I wonder which one is Chana’s,” said David. Finally, a man came out of one of the houses.

“Can you help us, sir?” asked David politely. “Can you please tell us which house a little girl and her mother just moved into?”

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“A little girl?” the man repeated. “A little girl with blond, curly hair? You must mean the little girl and her mother who moved into Mrs. Krupnik’s basement. It’s this house right over here.” He was pointing behind them to a rickety old house that stood under the half-broken branches of an old tree. This house was different from the other houses on the block. The lawn was overgrown, the steps were broken, and the roof seemed to be falling apart.


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