“Potatoes, horseradish, cucumbers-here we are,” said David as he began to fill the shopping cart with groceries that were on his mother’s list. Yehudis, where are you going?”

“Here , David! Don’t forget the cookies! Vanilla sandwich cookies are my favorite!” called Yehudis, running ahead of her brother .

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“ Mine, too, “ David agreed. “But these have no hechsher, Yehudis.

They aren’t under the supervision of a rabbi. See, they don’t have a mark on the label showing that they are kosher. Here’s the brand that our Imma always gets- with a hechsher.”

And so, with the cookies safely in the cart, David and Yehudis continued to buy the best things in honor of Shabbos, until at the end of one aisle they suddenly stopped.


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