International Jewish Burial Society

Establishment of International Jewish Burial Society



We hereby announce the establishment of an international Jewish Burial Society. The goal of this organization is to publicize, throughout the Jewish world, the importance of honoring the dead in accordance with Halacha (Jewish law). Information will be disseminated regarding proper burial and all necessary preparation, including Tahara. The devastating repercussions of failure to insure a proper burial according to Jewish law and the tragedy which results from following non-Jewish customs, including cremation, will be stressed.

Furthermore, Jewish funeral homes, which currently offer and promote cremation will be encouraged to cease this activity and adopt practices in accordance with Jewish law, including proper burial and Tahara.

We further undertake to establish connections among Jews and Jewish communities throughout the world, even in remote locations, to facilitate funeral arrangements. Any Jew will easily be able to contact the nearest Chevra Kadisha (Jewish burial society) when the need arises. Our central office is readily available by phone to provide information, referrals and other assistance. Families seeking a referral to a reliable Jewish funeral home may contact our office at (732)370-3344. E-mail - We welcome requests for further information. Please read the articles which follow this announcement for clarification of Jewish law and customs regarding death and burial.

Heavenly reward beyond measure awaits all those who participate in strengthening and supporting this organization.

With Great Honor to All,
Harav Aryeh Leibel Berenbaum, zatz"l

Introductory Letter To All Chevra Kadisha - HaRav Aryeh Liebel Berenbaum, ztza"l
Part I - Why a Jewish Burial
Part II - Cremation
Part III - Proper Attitude at a Jewish Funeral
Part IV - Visiting the Sick
Part V - Vidui - Confession
Part VI - The Law of a Goses

To have a loved one buried in Israel, call (732) 370-3344, or send e-mail to