Chanukah @ Shemayisrael

This cute and edible Channukah project for young children was provided by one of our memebers in las Vegas, Nevada.

You can make an entirely edible dreidle by using the following: 1. a hershey's chocolate kiss (unwrapped)

2. a marshmallow (preferrably the suqare kind with toasted coconut. But any type will do.)

3. a licorice stick cut into about 2 inch pieces

4.confectioner's (powdered sugar) mixed with very little water to glue the project together.

The marshmallow goes in the middle. Using the "paste" or "glue" made from the confectioner's sugar and water, you glue the chocolate kiss to the bottom of the marshmallow, then "screw" the licorice into the top, like a handle. If you'd like, you can then use a toothpick to paint the symbols nun, gimmel, hay, and shin (or poe, whichever applies - depending on where you live) onto the marshmallow. The kids love this fun project, then they can eat the dreidel after they have enjoyed looking at it, and even trying to spin it.

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Chanukah @ Shemayisrael