KSThe "Ultimate Goal", the goal of all goals is to be G‑dlike, to resemble the Creator Himself, to be a divine being -- a powerhouse of creativity, action and success:

   Attitudes and Attributes

To be G-dlike is to act, speak and think in a certain way. This "certain way" is directed by two vital elements: (1) the attitudes we adopt for now, and (2) the attributes which grow from these attitudes. The key to improving them is a willingness to learn new ideas and then gradually, work them into our lives.

This then is a three step formula:

  1. Set as your goal to conduct yourself with the best possible attitudes available to you at the moment. Just as you pick out a garment to wear, whether it is for a party, an interview, or "just another day", so pick out your attitude, and "wear" it as best you can throughout your day.[1]
  2. Learn and clarify for yourself what are the G-dlike qualities, which of them are most easily available to you. What does a "G-dlike person" look like in the real world? How does this apply to your general mood? How must you respond to the different situations you face each day?
  3. Act out the roles you choose for yourself. Play your part as best you can. And even though you will make mistakes, even though your mask will slip from your face, be ready to replace it. Keep readjusting your focus. Stop, think and move towards being the person you want to be.

Once you know what you want, and make a solid effort to reach it, you are on the road to becoming a G-dlike person.


[1] The Hebrew word "mida" which is used for attitudes and attributes, also means a garment. The root of both these usages is in the original translation of the word, which is "a measure". Thus it can refer to the mode/measure of conduct a person chooses for himself, or it can be the size/measure of the suit he picks off the rack.

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