The "Ultimate Goal" is a self- improvement project. Here is its first article. 

    The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal, the goal of all goals is to be G‑dlike, to resemble the Creator Himself, to be a divine being -- a powerhouse of creativity, action and success.[1]

KSFor it's not enough to KEEP SMILING, which means to keep smiling no matter how many problems and troubles you face. It's not enough to BE HAPPY, which means be happy no matter how many things go wrong each day, no matter how many worries loom up before us. These concepts focus purely on staying positive, being cheerful, and trusting that all will be well.[2]

Rather, we must also build something new, exciting, wonderful. We must become new, exciting, wonderful people -- powerful, successful achievers. We must become G-dlike.[3]

To which areas of our lives does this apply? To all areas! In these pages we will examine the "Ultimate Goal" in terms of our Outer World and our Inner World. As a step two to this, we will point to the outer and inner aspects of each of these worlds, i.e. to the outer Outer World and the inner Outer World, as well as the outer Inner World and the inner Inner World.

I hope you enjoy the trip.

[1] "Go in His ways" (Devarim 28) the verse teaches. On this the rabbis teach, "Just as he is giving and kind, so you too should be giving and kind (Mechilta, B'shalach). When we recite Hashem's thirteen attributes of mercy as the power-core of the High Holidays, we see this idea in action. By mentioning and patterning ourselves on these Divine attributes, we strive to become heavenly beings, and at the same time gain heaven's many blessings.

[3] In truth, we are all already G-dlike. "In the image of Elokim He created man" (Breishis 9.6). This means we all possess many supernatural powers, marvelous abilities. Still, our resemblance to Hashem is limited. We are very, very small next to Him. What we need then is to try, each day, to become more and more similar to Hashem.

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