Inspiring Places
Shuls whose walls are soaked with
millions of heartfelt prayers
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Kosice, Slovakia

The shul of Rome, Italy.

Pinkas Shul.

Mitau, Riga, Lithuania.

A shul in Vilna, Lithuania.

A great shul in Kiev, Russia.

Another shul in Kiev.

An old shul in Krakow, Poland.

 Dubrovnik, Croatia.

An old shul in Trnava, Slovakia.

Subotica, Serbia

A shul in Trebic, Czech Republic.

Budapest, Hungary.

 Oslo, Norway

Shul in Kingston, Jamaica

Inside of Jamaica shul

Old shul in New Zealand.

Inside a shul in Yerushalayim, Israel.

Tzfas, Israel.

Windows of a shul in Israel

Inside the Yosef Caro shul in Tzfas

Inside the Ha-Arizal shul, Tzfas.

The Ha-Arizal shul in Tzfas.

The Abuhav Shul in Tzfas

Entrance to the Alsheich Shul, Tzfas

Aronei HaKodesh to the Alsheich Shul, Tzfas

Zichron Yakov shul, Israel

Old picture of Tel-Aviv shul.

 Beirut, Lebanon.

The oldest shul in Texas.

The old shul in Galveston, Texas.

Old shul in Newark.

Shul in Rhode Island, Newport.

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