Inspiring Places
Shuls whose walls are soaked with
millions of heartfelt prayers
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Eitz Chaim, the Volozhin Yeshiva,Belarus.  by Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin 

The Mir Yeshiva in Poland

Mariampole, Lithuania, the Great Synagogue and Beis-Medresh, destroyed during the war.

The Shumsk shul in the Ukraine

Shkudvil, Lithuania, the old wooden shul - around 1918

Chachmei Lublin, Poland, the great yeshiva acadamy. 

Shul of the Rema.

The Alt-neu shul.

Shul in Neishtot Tavrig, Lithuania

Keidan, Lithuania, an abandoned shul.

The shul on Pinsker Street, Lyakhovichi, Lithuania

The Lyakhovichi Shul from the other side.

A shul in Kovno, Lithuania

Budapest, Hungary. The largest shul in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary.

Another shul in Budapest

A shul in Prague

 Krakow, Poland

Shul in Krakow, Poland

Shul in Warsaw, Poland

Inside a restored shul in Poland. Warsaw, Poland

The shul in Tykochin, Poland

The Market Shul, Orheyev, Moldova

Shul in Geneva, Switzerland

Inside a shul in Mad, Hungary.

A shul of Florence, Italy.

Castello Da Vide, Portugal. A medieval shul.

Belgrade, Serbia.

Shul in Lesko, Poland.

Pilsen, West Bohemia.


The Spanish shul in Prague.

A shul in Kosice, Slovakia.

Special feature:  The original Belz Shul in the Ukraine, 
and the new one in Yerushalayim

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