Looking Upwards 

Holy Energy
We should feel the Creator within us. Picture the Creator’s name golden, glowing, radiating holy energy – filling us with power, a burning wish to explore new concepts and achieve our heart’s every desire.

The Divine Presence lies hidden within us. Likewise, it hides in the world around us. We need to connect these two – to bridge the gap. Thus, we fill our lives with its goodness, beauty and joy.

To depend on others is a weakness. To be independent is also a mistake. We can’t make it without the help of others. What we really need then is to look to the Creator for help, realizing all along that He will lead us to whatever we need and want.

Our Second Home
We need to spend quality time in upper worlds. We need to be there; see the colors; feel the detachment, a sense of eternity. We need to make the heavens our second home.

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Higher Powers Quotes

from "Be Happy and Succeed"

Do what you are best at doing, and leave the rest to Hashem.

Be aware of the heavenly help available to you. This enhances your ability to enjoy it.

Strive to enjoy others, to enjoy your world, to enjoy Hashem, and Hashem will give you your hearts’ desires.

If you can't give Hashem what He wants - why should He give you what you want?

While you earned Hashem's blessings yesterday, and again today, you still need to earn them tomorrow.

From seeing others, move on to seeing Hashem. Be sensitive to what He wants from the world.

Be a part of Hashem. This is the greatest greatness of all.

You are Hashem's child, His favorite child, His only child. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to succeed.

With action, through doing, you build your world-to-come.

Running is unpleasant. For you fail to appreciate and enjoy all that Hashem sets before you.

Open a door. Explore. Within your mind, a heaven awaits you.

To have Hashem in your midst is a privilege, a pleasure.

It is no less than Hashem who puts you on hold, who tells you to wait.

With the smallest movement, Hashem can move entire mountains.

Find Hashem - this empowers you to be more - and do more.

Torah study builds both the heavens and the world around you.

Hashem wants you to think of others, work for others and pray for others

Any suffering you suffer starts with Hashem.

Hashem gives you all you need, as you need it.

You need only to please Hashem.

Put your trust in Hashem alone.

Every desire creates an angel. Every wish is a heavenly force.

Better than crying "Help, help", say "I see You".

Remind yourself that Hashem - and only Hashem - pulls you through.

Work with Hashem. Live with Hashem. Eat, sleep, and even daydream with Hashem.

Even if you lose a fortune in a day, surely this is nothing against your Father's wealth.

Know Hashem. This is the highest accomplishment, the loftiest goal.

The better you know Hashem, the more you may enjoy Him and the life He gives you.

Our rescue - from all of life's headaches and troubles - lies only with Hashem.

Even when you are at the top, you need to call to Hashem.

You needn't please anyone - except for One.

To celebrate a full victory, have Hashem at your side.

Be Hashem's, and give Him every reason to write you that check.

Align yourself with Hashem, and bless others.

You eat that you may live, but food does not sustain you.

You are blind to all that motivates you. Torah learning however, can be your guide.

The more you link yourself to Hashem, the more you may live in a full, joyous way.

Trust in Hashem, rest in His presence - like a baby in his mother's arms. Enjoy the peace and satisfaction that such a baby enjoys.

Ask Hashem to help you fill your lack.

Prayers don't answer your prayers. Only Hashem answers your prayers.

Don't ask for punishment.

Your twin is one of the great personalities of the universe - a light, a shining star.

Serve Hashem with your heart, body and soul - and have Hashem serve you.

To lose Gan Aden is to lose the ability to experience true happiness, contentment and peace.

To lose the Shechina is to lose the ability to live and love our world in a full, rich way.

Say, "I will try - with Your help, Hashem - to be all that I can be".

Make Hashem's great gift of life your major pursuit and project.

Take pleasure in Hashem. In turn, Hashem will take pleasure in you, and grant you your every wish -- for the good.

You can be large, grand, when you cling to Hashem - when you live His miracle.

See Hashem as the author of all pleasure, the source of all enjoyment. Then you will learn to enjoy life without the
extras, without the trimmings.

Within each element of life, rests the power, beauty and love of the One who creates all.

The highest pleasure is to see Hashem and know Hashem.

Pause in the middle of the noise, and reconnect to Hashem.

If Hashem gives you a gift, it must contain great value.

In trying to please Hashem, you come closer to Hashem - and learn from Him who you need to be.

In helping you travel through life, it’s mostly bicycles and not cars that Hashem gives you.

All quotes from "Be Happy and Succeed"
by Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

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