Happiness Quotes

To be Joyous
We need to be joyous. With happiness, we empower ourselves – we are healthier, wiser, we communicate better, and are more effective in all that we do.

A level we must reach
Happiness is a level we must reach – we must achieve. On the other hand – once we make it ours – we may enjoy it forever.

Happiness and Wealth
“Wealth does not lead to happiness, but happiness does lead to wealth”. This is true of all types of wealth – material
wealth, physical health, as well as emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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Happiness Quotes
from "Be Happy and Succeed"

Wise decisions lead you to happiness.

Within your desire to increase your happiness, lies your challenge.

Be happy and you lack nothing. Be happy and you are safe

The secret of being happy is to be happy.

Practice saying, "This is good, excellent, just what I need."

In the world of thought, you may gain a love of yourself, and of life.

The least item in the world is worth everything when you attach value to it.

Be happy, and you wrap yourself in style and elegance.

Be happy - don't complain.

Choose to focus on something positive, something enjoyable.

Invest the activity you are doing right now with a quality, a richness.

Do you have a food to eat? Yes? - So, be happy. Do you have clothes to wear? Yes? - So, be happy.

Make an effort to be happy each day, each hour.

Don't look at those who have more than you. Look instead, at those who have less than you.

Say, “I have a beautiful home. I have a beautiful family. I have beautiful clothes. I have a beautiful life.”

Say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Appreciate the appreciation others show you.

All quotes from "Be Happy and Succeed"
by Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

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