Success Quotes

Taking and Giving
To live, as the Creator wants us to live – taking pleasure and giving pleasure – leads to the highest success of all.

The Crown
The crown of success is the sincere thanks we give to those who have helped us. And most important of these thanks, is the appreciation we express in our own hearts.

Fabulously Wealthy
Many fictional stories center on fabulously wealthy individuals, and, as we read them, we think to ourselves this is not real. But, in truth, our lives also center on a Creator who is endlessly powerful, and in terms of health, wealth and success can give us whatever we want.

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Success Quotes
from "Be Happy and Succeed"

What is your castle? - It’s the person you become.

Be a king or a queen. Be noble. Be gracious.

For your survival, your happiness and success, take on great, glorious goals

Be great. Be aware of others - others' needs, others' pains.

See greatness in others, and be great.

Powerful, successful people think differently, talk differently, walk differently.

Visualize strongly what you want to achieve.

Success depends on us helping each other.

Imagine you have a great desire to give to others.

Become more godlike.

Give to others. After a while you will find that you become more able, talented and wealthy.

Your faults are the source of your pain. Thus to escape this suffering, you must heal your faults.

Your real greatness is the sympathy, love - the "heart" that accompanies each gift you give.

Untangle yourself from your body - and turn your body into your slave.

Fight for your dream; destroy all that is ugly and nasty within you.

One condition to learn Torah is to learn it. A second condition is to appreciate it.

All quotes from "Be Happy and Succeed"
by Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

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