Inspiration Quotes

Pick me up
Pick me up; don’t put me down. Pick me up – encourage me; help me feel good about myself. Don’t put me down – don’t shame me; it really, really hurts. Pick me up, and I in turn, will pick you up.

To Inspire
We need to ask ourselves, what we can do to inspire ourselves. Also, we need to ask ourselves, what we can do to inspire others.


We say of the Creator: “He remembers the loving acts of our ancestors, and brings redemption to their children’s children…”  We too should remember the heroism of our ancestors through the ages, and with this inspiration, strive for a glorious future.

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Inspiration Quotes
from "Be Happy and Succeed"

Soul pleasures depend on your thoughts.

Control your mind - and adjust the amount of pleasure you receive from your senses.

Give your main attention, your first strength, to climb your inner ladder.

It's “who you think you are” that decides who you are.

Every life situation, this moment and every moment, is a million-dollar opportunity.

Love to live. Live to love.

To be happy and successful, you have to BE happy and successful.

Fix three attitudes in your mind - Love, Awe, Happiness.

Build the world inside you, and you connect with all people, with all of creation.

Within yourself, create a fortress of light that shields us all.

Dream on a theme - love, happiness, heart, laughter.

Give time to your dreams. Give thought to your dreams.

Focus on your goals, and move towards your goals.

Pray, and engage in a shopping expedition three times a day.

You have a power to create miracles, direct history, and change the planet.

It's better to read a poem than a story. For within it, there is room for you, too.

Beware the thieves who wait only to rob you of your serenity, your peace of mind, your creative powers.

Step into the light. Let it enter your midst, your mind, your heart. Let it fill you.

To achieve heavenly inspiration requires conscious thought.

Decorate your magical room. Spend on it, as much you want. Your expense account is endless.

Think. Sit quietly, serenely, with no distractions, and wait. Create a space for your thoughts to blossom, flower, produce fruits.

With thought, meditation, prayer - you expose the beauty within yourself.

See your world as a great dance, and interact with it - with grace, with charm, with style.

Detach yourself a little from your surroundings - see your life from the outside - and enjoy it.

You were born to influence your world to higher, more harmonious living.

Be the child who loves his parent.

Say of the other person that he or she is all good.

When you make fun of others, you add power to the forces of evil.

Words you don't say - in the end - hurt you far less than words you do say.

The more you give, and the better you give - the more and better you receive.

There is power sometimes in being weak, in being helpless.

Just to pray, already makes a difference.

Free yourself of your material possessions, and travel lightly, powerfully and effectively towards your highest destinations.

Look for a quiet and tranquility that allows you to live in elevating ways.

All quotes from "Be Happy and Succeed"
by Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

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