Motivational Quotes

The higher our motivations are, the more powerful are our actions -- and the greater their effect in this world and the next.

Healthy Helpings
Healthy helpings of spiritual foods motivate and empower us, invigorate and beautify us. Moreover, we can consume them freely without worrying about unneeded calories.

"Move away from evil, and do good!"  Before we can grasp what is beautiful and empowering, we must let go of what is ugly and depressing. We must identify our feelings of distress, anger, jealousy, etc. and replace them with calm, happy thoughts. Then we can start doing great things.

To Move Upwards
When things are not going as we feel they should go, it could well be that it's time for us to move upwards -- to strive towards the next level of personal growth and achievement.

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Motivational Quotes
from "Be Happy and Succeed"

Ideally, burn all you consume - producing maximum energy, and minimal waste.

As some people train their bodies to higher levels of ability, so try to access heavenly help with greater skill.

Say the right words - speak out the mood and attitude you desire.

Avoid that which only looks pleasurable, and move towards that which is truly pleasurable.

A mountain-climber doesn’t stop climbing when he can't find the elevator or the stairs.

"Run and return," as the angels do. Try to stay always in one of these two modes.

BE - all that you want to be.

Not only do what is uncomfortable to you - also find pleasure in it.

Focus on your breath - imagine yourself breathing in wisdom, and breathing out determination.

Move and shake yourself, and you move and shake the world.

To get started - you need a thought, some courage, a prayer and to take the first step.

Indulge yourself - and you rob yourself.

Work on changing your thoughts.

Do, all day, with all your heart, with joy and energy.

Teach others how they may be happy and successful, and your own happiness and success grows all the more.

Invest in your prayers more - much more - than a few, short thoughts each day.

Wish others the happiness and success they wish on themselves.

Thinking gently of others empowers you.

Forget how others spend their time, and get on with your own life.

What helps more than being nice to others, is thinking nice thoughts about them.

To move forward in life, to be happy and succeed, you must remove your anger, your resentment.

Fake your politeness, pretend your friendship, and conquer your hate.

To help others help others help others help others is an ultimate goal.

It doesn't matter to whom you do kindness. The main thing is that you do it.

Not only must you train yourself to say, “It’s a pleasure to help you”, you must also think, “It’s a pleasure to help you.”

Think to yourself, how can I turn this world into a paradise for others?

In pushing and striving for your goals, live a happy, energized life.

If your belief can be stronger tomorrow, why should it not be stronger today?

Part of your problem is that you look around you too much.

How willing are you to walk away from "popular opinion"?

Receive the Torah, and you receive wings.

Create an image of the new you; take hold of this image, and pour yourself into its mold.

Realize how much your prayers do for you - if you only let them.

All quotes from "Be Happy and Succeed"
by Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

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