Inner Worlds Quotes

Source of Existence
We think deeply about the Creator, and we connect with the root of all roots, the source of all existence. For a few moments, we leave this world and enter a powerhouse of reality. Moreover, the Creator waits for us to enter this world.

The more we invest in and build the world around us, the more beautiful and pleasurable we make it. And similarly, the more we invest in and build our inner world, the more beautiful and pleasurable it becomes.

Within Yourself
Build a palace within you. Furnish and decorate it any way you want. Change this all as often as you want. Adjust the view you see from its windows – from seas to mountains, from forests to lakes. People your inner world with anyone you want – young children, elderly sages, historic personalities, sources of inspiration.  Make your inner world a fun place to visit, and visit it often.

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