Wealth Quotes

We’re happier with food on our tables, money in our pockets and debt-free living. Still, specifically when we are hungry, we are most creative. Our need gives our lives that special, extra edge. We need then to embrace our poverty as well.

Push-Button I
A spiritual push-button to wealth is gratitude, an outpouring, enthusiastic, ongoing gratitude, a thanksgiving that comes from the deepest part of the heart.

Push-Button II
A spiritual push-button to wealth is belief. We need to see that the same force that gives us our precious hands and feet, our eyes and ears, our intelligence and emotion, can give us whatever else that we want.

Push-Button III

A spiritual push-button to wealth is asking. We need to see, as clearly as possible, exactly what we need, when we need it and why we need it, and then express our wish in words.

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