About Life Quotes

Only Now
Focus, do your best; smile and enjoy your life. See your dreams coming true and be the person you want to be. Be in love with your world, amazed by its beauty. For, now -- and only now -- your are alive.

Living a Dream
We need to have a dream and believe its truth. We need to see our dream as real, and -- more importantly -- as affecting the type of person we become. Thus, we live our dream right now.

A Garden
Life is like a garden. The more effort we put into it, the more beautifully it grows. But when we leave it, weeds and thorns overrun it.
  Where do we get the seeds -- ideas and inspiration to make our garden flourish? We need to look to the One who is the landscaping artist of it all.

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About Life Quotes
from "Be Happy and Succeed"

Life gives you all that you need, all that you deserve.

Only one thing counts: what you say, do and think - now.

It depends on you - on you and only you.

In every situation, you have a choice - one greater, one lesser.

Whether you like it or not, you're a pleasure-seeker.

Your choices determine your wellbeing, your success and happiness.

Our outer circumstances are a mirror of our inner selves.

Fulfill the requirements, and the prize is yours - just as you want it.

It can be another way.

Don’t be too righteous; don’t be too clever. Don’t overstep the boundaries; not quite yet.

Good living comes from being good people - kind, gracious, considerate, even loving.

There's more to life than just surviving.

The harder you work, the more pleasure you gain.

Work invisibly, and you work better.

Whatever you need, is already at your feet

Remind yourself again that Life is a game.

More than the blame lies with others, it lies with you.

The only things you really own are your good deeds.

Every problem has a solution.

As great as others are, as busy, as dynamic and successful as they are, they hope for a kind word from you.

Silence is often the finest response.

All you give comes back to you.

A fear you entertain in your mind grows.

The foundation of happiness is good character.

View an upsetting experience as being a bar of soap, something that has the power to cleanse you.

An ideal that asks you to establish, build, perpetuate something greater than yourself, is a life force.

More than you give to the moment, you gain from the moment.

To love life is to live as Hashem wishes you to live.

All quotes from "Be Happy and Succeed"
by Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

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