Pray for me?

Only with pleasure

Can I pray for you? Can my family pray for you? Only with pleasure. Click here to send me your message.

Prayer is our most powerful tool. No prayer returns empty; if it doesn't give us all we want, it gives us part of it. Therefore, if you have prayed and not yet received your wishes, pray again.*

We can pray for anything -- healing, beauty, fitness, wealth and prosperity, love, our life partner, insight and personal growth -- all of it together!

We can pray for ourselves, or have others pray for us. In general our prayers for ourselves are more effective. They contain more heart, more ache. Still, the care and concern of others also stirs the upper worlds.

Likewise, we can pray for others. Moreover, when we pray for others, and we need the same thing, we are answered first.**

The more concentration, the more belief and faith we pour into our prayers, the more powerful they are.
Let us then pray with power, and turn our every dream into our reality.

Pray for health. Pray for success. Pray for children. Pray for friendship. Pray for happiness and peace of mind. Pray for peace and the world's gifts. Pray for influence. Pray for forgiveness. Pray for acceptance. Pray for distinction.
Pray for your troubles to end, to dissolve and disappear.


* Devarim Raba 8.1, Brochos 32b

** Bava Kama 92a

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Pray for me. Pray for you. Prayer for healing, wealth, prosperity, love, children, a life partner, insight, personal growth.  Jewish prayer. Have a Torah student, scholar pray for you.  Pray for health. Pray for success. Pray for friends. Pray for influence, for power. Pray for peace. Pray for forgiveness. Pray for acceptance, honor, respect, distinction. Pray for your troubles to dissolve and disappear. Pray for comfort, consolation. Pray for confidence, self-esteem, joy and happiness.

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