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  A Smile
A SMILE all day, keeps our troubles away. A smile puts us in the driver's seat. For with our smile, we declare that everything is going to be just fine.

  Something Good
When something good happens, we need to smile and say thank you – to the people around us and the heavens above. The Creator also likes to receive our thanks.

  Only Now
Focus, do your best; smile and enjoy your life. See your dreams coming true and be the person you want to be. Be in love with your world, amazed by its beauty. For, now -- and only now -- your are alive.

  The Perfect Moment
Focus on now being the perfect moment, full of life, joy and energy -- and nothing else will bother you.

  To Love
We need to love the people around us. We need to love the Creator. Moreover, we should join these two loves with our love for ourselves -- to be all a part of the greater One.

  Feelings of Love
We need to send out feelings of love, acceptance, admiration and affection to those who most annoy and upset us. This produces the most marvelous results -- especially for us.

  Powerful Love
Wrapping beautifies a gift, but the love behind it, the wish to see others receiving and rising, is what empowers it. Such a love is so potent; it works even without any gift at all.

  Pick me up
Pick me up; don't put me down. Pick me up -- encourage me; help me feel good about myself. Don't put me down -- don't shame me; it really, really hurts. And I will do the same for you.

  Not at the Same Time
We cannot resent others and appreciate them at the same time. Therefore, to love them, even when they upset us, we need to focus on the different gifts they give us -- the many ways they enrich us.

  On our way
If we trample on others to reach our desires, they will push us down. But if we love them, elevate them, they will lift us to their shoulders.

  Stupid Mistakes
We make stupid mistakes -- all the time. It's part of our reality. The question is then, how do we turn them to our advantage? How do we climb them towards our dream? There is a solution. We just need to find it.

  Right or Convenient
Through the day, we make choices. In general, our choice is between doing what is right, as opposed to doing what is convenient. We need to remember though, that from "what is right" we mostly profit, while from "what is convenient" we mostly lose.

  Going Uphill
When the going is uphill, we need to change gear. We need to turn our eyes upwards, and say a prayer. If we can't do this either, we can take a short rest or a long walk -- whatever will best recharge our batteries.

Beware of self-satisfaction, of feeling smug. It leads to expensive mistakes -- errors we can't afford to make.

  The Best Me
We need be no more than anyone else is, nor any less. We just need to be "the best me" we can be.

  A Garden
Life is like a garden. The more effort we put into it, the more beautifully it grows. But when we leave it, weeds and thorns overrun it.
Where do we get the seeds -- ideas and inspiration to make our garden flourish? We need to look to the One who is the landscaping artist of it all.

  Our Enemy
Our own anger is our worst enemy. It kills others and it kills us -- if not in full, then in part. Moreover, it kills our most precious assets -- the moments of our lives. We must work at removing it from ourselves.

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   Solving Problems
First, we need to say, "He-she-they are not to blame." We need to understand why that is so; and then focus on solving our problem.
First, we need to say, "All is for the good". We need to understand why this is so; and then rise to the challenge.

  Holy Energy
We need to feel the Creator within us. Picture the Creator's name golden, glowing, radiating holy energy -- filling us with power, a desire to explore new concepts and achieve our heart's every desire.

The Divine Presence lies hidden within us. Likewise, it hides in the world around us. We need to connect these two -- to bridge the gap. Thus we fill our lives with its goodness, beauty and joy.

  Living a Dream
We need to have a dream and believe its truth. We need to see our dream as real, and -- more importantly -- as affecting the type of person we become. Thus, we live our dream right now.

  With Wisdom
"With wisdom the Creator founded the world" (Mishle 3.19). We need to focus on being wise -- wiser than we have been until now. For, wisdom is the foundation of all. With wisdom, we enhance our lives.

  See Beauty
We need to focus on beauty, the culmination of all good attributes. We need to see beauty in the world around us, the people in our lives. We need to see beauty in ourselves, in the opportunities that await us. We need to see beauty in this very moment.

"Move away from evil, and do good!"  Before we can grasp what is beautiful and empowering, we must let go of what is ugly and depressing. We must identify our feelings of distress, anger, jealousy, etc. and replace them with calm, happy thoughts. Then we can start doing great things.

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