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Concise, short summary of Mesillas Yesharim - The Path of the Just
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             The Mesillas Yesharim Message

   Rebbi Pinchas ben Yair would teach:

Torah leads to Caution – to watch over our actions and habits to determine whether they are good, so as not to abandon our souls to the danger of destruction, chas v'shalom

Caution leads to Enthusiasm – alacrity in the pursuit and fulfillment of mitzvos

Enthusiasm leads to Being Clean – of bad attribute and sins

Being Clean leads to Separation – to withdraw from anything that might result in evil, even though it is not evil in itself

Separation leads to Purity – to act not for the sake of our enjoyment and pleasure, but for the goodness, the wisdom and service that may result from our actions

Purity leads to Chassidus – toiling to please Hashem in every way possible, as a child who desires to please a parent

Chassidus leads to Humility – not attaching importance to ourselves for any reason whatsoever

Humility leads to Fear of Sin – constantly fearing that some trace of sin may enter our actions

Fear of Sin leads to Holiness – clinging so closely to Hashem that even the physical objects we use become elevated through using them

Holiness leads to Divine inspiration and Divine inspiration leads to Techias Hameisim, the resurrection of the dead.

   (To listen to audio classes of Mesillas Yesharim, click here)

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