Learn how to learn Gemara through a simple way that truly puts us on our feet. Follow the classes here to gain familiarity and fluency - the two keys to successful learning.

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Remember that progress  will come specifically though ...

chazara, chazara, chazara - review, review, review.

Wishing you good learning!!  

Learn Gemora, reading skills, gemora and Rashi, learn Talmud, acquire skills, proficiency, fluency, familiarity, reading, translating, analyzing (a little), Brochos 27, Brochos 28, Rashi, Perek "Ein Omdim", Then also the first perek of Brochos for some great extra gemara material, another number of preciouus dafrim, on your way to acquiring for yourself the greatest accomplishment of all, seeing SHAS!! learnhow to learn, gain vocab, reading style, Gemora language style, Gemora dialogue, questions and answers, practice to gain expertise...

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