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Be a KingPress your finger on the Happiness Button. Watch it light up. See your life, your world change color, glow with light, with joy. Now, press the button again. Keep pressing it during the day. For, inside is a spring, and it doesn’t stay down by itself. We need to keep pushing it throughout our day.

Press your finger on the King-Queen Button. Watch it light up. Experience a good feeling, a self-respect pouring into your heart, into your mind. With such an attitude, you enjoy a wholeness, serenity and inner-peace. You can handle anything. You can walk through your day with self-assurance and dignity.

We decide how we feel about ourselves - about the people around us - about the challenges Hashem sends us each day. We decide whether we are happy or not. We decide our attitudes, our responses. We can live our day with purpose and achievement. We need simply, to press that button.


Hashem is the perfection of all attitudes, of all attributes. He is the perfect King. He is perfect happiness. Our task then, is to become as much like Hashem as we can. And in achieving this goal, we become kings - and are happy.

This can be our focus when we stand before Hashem, when we talk to Him. As we praise Him, as we raise Him, as we identify and add up His divine qualities - so we draw closer to Him. And in drawing closer to Him, we adopt for ourselves - to an ever-greater degree - these qualities within ourselves. The same qualities we picture in Hashem - become ours. We promote Hashem - and in promoting Him, we promote ourselves.


Children play at being Queen of Europe - President of the Americas - Field Marshall of Asia - Princess of Africa. As they play these roles, they become great, important people. From their game, they are noble and wise, powerful and pleasing.

We have other role models larger even than such political figures - our precious fathers and mothers - Avraham, Yitzchak, Yakov - Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah. Moreover, the list goes on - Moshe Rabbeinu - Devora HaNevia - King David - Queen Esther - and on - through our history to our present-day sources of inspiration.

Like children, we should strive to be these personalities - play their role, copy their modes of behavior, the attitudes and conduct we understand them to have. Like children, let us imagine our way to greatness - not to lord over others, but to be warm, special people. Let us imagine our road to personal achievement, with belief, sincerity, patience. Let us be all that we want to be.


"Some of the people in my life I feel, have so much more than me. I need almost to bow before them - even to lick their shoes.

"Even when I stand up to them - when I speak to them as equals, or ignore them - it still bothers me. I have this need to impress them, to please them. It’s so frustrating."

"It’s a prison. You must escape."

"But, how - where’s the tunnel?"

"Focus on the thought that the other person and you are both Hashem’s creations. As such, you are equal. Also, while this other received great talents, unique life circumstances - so did you. You each have different sets of abilities, combinations of resources that are special.

Make the most of what you have - and you will be as great as the greatest.

"Fix it - in your thoughts, your attitudes - that only Hashem is King. Then, be like Hashem.

Emulate His ways. Be a king.

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