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I believe in Hashem. I believe that He gives me life. I believe that He loves me. The Divine Presence gives me all I need. When He denies me something I desire, when He sends a problem my way, He does this for my good.

Heavenly Ways
I believe that Hashem is all good, all kind. I hope for His goodness, for His kindness. I joyously expect each one of life’s encounters.

I believe that today is the best day of all. Today Hashem teaches me to be wise, rich and strong. As I follow Him, I become wise, rich and strong. I listen to His words; I obey His will; and I approach His majesty. I jump the hurdles; I undo the tangles; and I reach new pleasures. These are my victories.

I believe in Hashem. He guides me through my day. He shows me the way. I seek His word; I listen to His voice; and He shows me His will. He is my light.

I look at others as Hashem’s agents. They bring me Hashem’s message, His guidance. They set the course I run; they help me complete it. Whether they cheer me on or act as obstacles, they are part of Hashem’s grand plan. They bring me His goodness.

I believe that a great future awaits me; joy in this world, and bliss in the next. I see the sparkle of blessings, the shimmer of happiness, waiting for me. I follow only Hashem’s wishes; I trust only in His Torah; and I enjoy every success.

I believe in Hashem.


I love my life. I love the life Hashem gives me. In His infinite wisdom, He fills my life with goodness. Even when things don’t go as I wish them to, I love it. I know that all this is for my benefit. It is all for my good.

I love the world I live in. I look at its glory, its elegance, its charm. I walk its roads. I embrace its space. I breathe its richness. I feel the wind. I taste the rain. I reach for its skies.

When I am too warm or too cold, I make the best of the situation. I enjoy its discomfort. I recognize how the warmth heals me. I feel how the cold revives me. The Divine Presence, in His brilliance, has sent me this weather. I accept it. I appreciate it.

I look at my fellowman. I focus on his many good features. I seek out his beauty, his brilliance, the spirit of Hashem that rests in him. When I look carefully, I see Hashem in him. My fellowman pleases me. I love him.

I love my friends. They support me in so many ways. They add so much to my life. How poor I am without them. I owe them great heaps of gold and silver. I owe them so much. This is why I encourage and help them. I lift them in any way I can.

I love my family. I love the things we share, the affection we must feel. Hashem has placed me with these special people that I may learn from them and through them. I encourage and help them in any way I can.

The people in my life teach me many things - how to give, how to take, how to share. They do not always act or speak as they should, but this too is good. For they show me how to accept their differences. They help me to respect them. Such respect draws me still closer to them.

I love myself. I love my unique qualities, my special strengths. I appreciate my abilities. I respect my talents. Daily, Hashem gives me new realms to conquer. He adds to my influence. He extends my duties. I feel privileged that Hashem entrusts me with such wealth.

I focus on my strengths. I cultivate them. I serve Hashem with all He gives me. My attitude brings me new and exciting opportunities. I love the challenges this brings.

I love Hashem. All I have, my world, my family, my friends, my self, is from Him. All I enjoy is His. It is all His gift. I remember this, and I love Him.


I enjoy Hashem’s unlimited love. He is my Father. Despite the depths to which I sink, He does not abandon me. He may punish me for my foolishness. Still, He does so with love. Conversely, when I follow His word, He showers me with affection.

I enjoy the respect and love of my family. I have their regard, their admiration, even though I do not always feel it. I act in ways that are honest and noble, that are kind and thoughtful; and they in turn, honor me.

I enjoy the respect and love of all I meet, of all I know. I have their regard, their admiration, even though I may not always feel it. I act in ways that are honest and noble, that are kind and thoughtful; and they in turn, honor me.


I look to the light, to Hashem’s light, the light of beauty, the light of truth. I see it and rejoice. It fills me with happiness. It fills me with love.

Where may I find this light? I find it in a genuine act of kindness, in an act of love. I see it in the holy Torah, and between the lines of my siddur. I observe it in my friends goodness, their charity. I feel it in my ability to be gentle and caring, joyous and modest.

This light is Hashem’s light; and it shines, bright and brilliant.

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